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ZEISS IOLMaster 700 Software Update 1.90 With Central Topography

“ZEISS is dedicated to advancing eye care through the development of new and innovative solutions, like the enhanced software features of the IOLMaster 700,” says Euan Thomson, PhD, President of Ophthalmic Devices and Head of the Digital Business Unit for Carl Zeiss Meditec. “With our comprehensive portfolio of ophthalmic solutions, we will continue to help make the cataract workflow a better experience for both surgeons and patients.”

Start the cataract workflow with more insights

Cataract surgeons need data insights that enhance their workflow efficiency. Using the Central Topography software feature, surgeons can gain additional information and detect visually relevant asymmetries on central corneal shape with the standard ZEISS IOLMaster 700 measurement. Central Topography, a new feature based on Telecentric 3-zone Keratometry and SWEPT-Source OCT, improves the cataract workflow without needing extra measurements, extra hardware, or extra time – a more intuitive reading without changing the cataract surgeon’s workflow.

“Scaling and hues of the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 with Central Topography are optimized for easy and intuitive cornea checks,” says Dr. Douglas D. Koch, MD, a co-developer of the Central Topography software feature. “I am amazed at how much information we get from Central Topography.”

Streamline cataract workflow with data access via the cloud

When practicing at multiple sites, cataract surgeons need access to approved calculations in real-time. With the latest ZEISS IOLMaster 700 software, doctors can send their biometry data and scleral reference images via ZEISS EQ Mobile to CALLISTO eye® from ZEISS for computer assisted surgery, streamlining the cataract workflow.

EQ Mobile, a cloud-based connectivity option, accesses IOL calculation reports on the doctor’s mobile device and allows them to transfer surgical planning data via the cloud to the operating room.

“EQ Mobile has greatly simplified my cataract workflow, as it allows me to easily review and approve ZEISS IOLMaster 700 biometry measurements and IOL power calculations remotely on my mobile device, wherever I am,” says Dr. Florian Kretz, MD, from Augenarzte Gerl, Kretz and Kollegen in Rheine, Germany.

Improve predictions for post-refractive surgery patients with a new IOL power calculation

With the rate of post-surgery cataract increasing among patients who previously had refractive corneal surgery, cataract surgeons are looking for ways to have fewer refractive surprises. To improve predictions for post-refractive surgery patients, the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 software update features the new Barrett True K with TK formula with up to 12 percent more post-myopic LASIK patients within ±0.5D compared to the classic K calculation formula1. Barrett True K with TK formula uses ZEISS IOLMaster 700 TK without the need for online calculators and manual data input. The cataract workflow doesn’t change, just the patient predictions.

“As the Barrett True K with TK formula is fully integrated into the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 Barrett Suite, surgeons get all required measurements and calculation tools on board and do not need to manually transfer data to online calculators,” said Prof. Graham Barrett from the Lions Eye Institute in Perth, Australia, and creator of the Barrett Toric Calculator. “This increases safety and efficiency in these usually difficult-to-handle cases of post corneal refractive surgery IOL power calculation.”

The ZEISS IOLMaster 700 software update 1.90 with Central Topography with CE mark is now available to most surgeons worldwide including U.S. markets. For more information about the ZEISS IOLMaster 700 software updates, visit

1Lawless, Michael; Jiang, James Y.; Hodge, Chris; Sutton, Gerard; Roberts, Timothy V.; Barrett, Graham (2020): Total keratometry in intraocular lens power calculations in eyes with previous laser refractive surgery. In: Clinical & experimental ophthalmology 48 (6), S. 749–756.

Brief Profile
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG (ISIN: DE 0005313704), which is listed on the MDAX and TecDAX of the German stock exchange, is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies. The Company supplies innovative technologies and application-oriented solutions designed to help doctors improve the quality of life of their patients. The Company offers complete solutions, including implants and consumables, to diagnose and treat eye diseases. The Company creates innovative visualization solutions in the field of microsurgery. With 3,232 employees (as of 30 September 2019) worldwide, the Group generated revenue of €1,459.3m in fiscal year 2018/19 (as of 30 September).

The Group’s head office is located in Jena, Germany, and it has subsidiaries in Germany and abroad; more than 50 percent of its employees are based in the USA, Japan, Spain and France. The Center for Application and Research (CARIn) in Bangalore, India and the Carl Zeiss Innovations Center for Research and Development in Shanghai, China, strengthen the Company’s presence in these rapidly developing economies. Around 41 percent of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG’s shares are in free float. The remaining approx. 59 percent are held by Carl Zeiss AG, one of the world’s leading groups in the optical and optoelectronic industries.

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