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Why PIM is Essential for B2B Commerce:Takeaways from Salesforce Connections and all that accompanies a partnership in this powerful ecosystem don’t tend to happen on a small scale, and last week’s Connections #CNX19 event was no exception. Trailblazers from across the globe met in Chicago to talk commerce, customers, and connections.

The highlight of the event for the inRiver team was Tuesday when co-founder, Johan Boström, took the stage to discuss the latest partnership in B2B Commerce. The session highlighted inaugural launch partners BloomReach, Worldpay, PuchOut2Go, and inRiver.

Johan Boström onstage at Connections
During Johan’s announcement, Salesforce product manager, Josh Israels, expressed his excitement about the partnership, explaining that inRiver and the other newly announced partners are essential elements of B2B selling.

Josh compared a company that merely purchases a few different pieces of software without any knowledge of how they will work together to a company that integrates with a prebuilt and managed integration like inRiver. The company that uses inRiver drastically reduces customer risk and achieves a quicker time-to-value performance, saving money and time in the long run.

PIM: connecting businesses to their customers

Salesforce CMO, Stephanie Buscemi addressed attendees with her keynote address, Becoming a Trailblazer: Build a 360° View of Your Customer on day two of the conference, after an array of music, mascots, and a Second City performance.

She discussed the fact that we are not just on the cusp of change – we’re in it. Innovation and technology are shaping the world around us, especially from a business perspective. “We’re all connected. It’s already happened. We’re not entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution — we’re in the midst of it,” Buscemi said.

Because of this, customer expectations are a constantly moving target, and businesses must be ready to meet the customers where they’re at. PIM allows businesses to provide their customers with a seamless, consistent experience across touchpoints.

Seamless customer experienceSeamless customer experienceSeamless customer experience
Another highlight-worthy event at #CNX19 was the final Service Keynote, The Age of Human-Centric Service, delivered by Salesforce’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Mark Abramowitz.

Mark and his colleagues outlined three main points to remember when it comes to the world of human-centric service:

1.     Stay relevant,
2.     Make it personal
3.     Build trust

In a digital world, it can feel like customer loyalty and direct interaction between brands and customers are dying artforms. However, our recent research of 4,000 consumers shows that the youngest shoppers are actually increasingly likely to interact directly with a brand through its website and social media channels.

When brands keep their information relevant and personal and establish trust by cultivating consistency across channels, customers feel like they are being engaged. And in an e-commerce landscape, when no product has changed hands yet, human-centric service has a vital impact on the bottom line.

As the 2019 Salesforce Connections conference closed, attendees got a sense that the world of e-commerce is fully immersing itself in the “fourth industrial revolution.”

See you next year, CNX!

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