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What Nobody is Telling You About Using Magento Commerce as an Enterprise eCommerce Platform

There’s nothing quite like launching and managing a true enterprise eCommerce experience. From the very first day, you’re dealing with high traffic levels, an influx of customer and potential customer data, abandoned carts, customer support requests — and of course, a flood of orders that need to be processed.

It’s safe to say that in such a hectic digital environment, you don’t want to be relying on a flimsy eCommerce platform.

Magento (and more specifically, Magento Commerce) has proven to be a popular choice for enterprise eCommerce brands. According to Salmon, Magento accounts for 31.4 percent of top 100,000 eCommerce sites.

But as medium and large brands continue to experience the pressure of selling in the IoT era, selecting an enterprise eCommerce platform needs to be more than a numbers game. I this article, we’re exploring some key issues to consider before investing (heavily!) into Magento Commerce.


Magento opensource vs. Magento commerce

First things first, an enterprise needs to know the difference between Magento Commerce and Magento Opensource.

  • Magento Opensource: Formerly known as Magento Community, Magento Opensource The free version of Magento that can be downloaded, customized, and self-hosted.
  • Magento Commerce: Formerly, Magento Commerce came in two versions, Magento Enterprise and Magento Enterprise Cloud. Those two versions have been unified, leaving us with Magento Commerce, a premium version of Magento Opensource that includes cloud-hosting as part of the subscription fee.

Magento Opensource is available for everyone to download free of charge. It’s an open source platform that is free to use and you’re able to extend and configure the platform as you please. Also, Opensource users have access to a vast range of extensions and themes and are supported by a growing community.

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