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What it’s Like to be a PIM Practice Lead?

What’s it like to be product information management (PIM) practice lead? Behind every successful inRiver implementation is a team of knowledgeable, highly skilled PIM experts, or PIM Practice Leads. And those experts are a unique mix of skills and are often times brought to us by our outstanding partners in the inRiver community.

Absolunet is one of our most valued partners, especially when it comes to implementations, holding the title of inRiver’s “partner of the year” the past four years in a row in North America.

But behind every great partnership is teamwork and determination.

On this week’s episode of PIMtalk, our host, Thomas Sjöberg, sat down with senior Business Solutions Archetict at inRiver, Peter Michalik, and two members of our high achieving Absolunet implementation team, PIM Practice Leads: Danny Langlois and Mathieu Kittel-Hudon.

PIM LeadsPIM LeadsPIM Leads

The group discussed their different roles in ensuring a successful implementation along with some best practices, both from the business perspective and from the more technical side of things. They hit topics like the different implementation techniques for different add-ons and platforms and what to look for when building omnichannel experiences to keep customers happy and drive revenue.


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