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October 8th

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WebLinc has secured a funding deal to meet the increased demand for Workarea Commerce Platform.

WebLinc, an Ecommerce Software Company, recently announcedy that it has secured a $6 million investment together with Montage Capital and Partners for Growth (PFG) .

WebLinc serves as a provider of commerce and operations management systems for high growth retailers and brands. They provide services such as ; innovative cloud SaaS products, Workarea and Orderbot.

The new funding will build on an impressive growth experience for WebLinc. In the previous year, numerous international brands and retailers such as BuzzFeed, Lonely Planet and Reformation. They have all launched on the company’s user-friendly commerce platforms.

The capital boost will cover the scale needed to meet the increasing demand for Workarea and Orderbot while in North America and beyond. This will benefit brands and top-tier commerce agencies eager to implement the products.

In addition to common e-commerce functionality, the platform includes CM, unified search, an analytics and insights engine, PIM, OM, together with customer service. It is based on full API architecture delivered on a modern technology stack.

To learn more visit :Ecommerce Software Company Secures Funding to Meet Increased Demand for Workarea Commerce Platform and A new approach to commerce.