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Web Development Company in NYC, Huemor, Discusses the Difference Between Web Design vs. Web Development

NEW YORK, July 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Though the two terms are used interchangeably, “web design” and “web development” describe different tasks in a website development or [re]design project. In a website development or redesign project, it’s essential that all parties understand the distinction between these two terms. Otherwise, you’re waiting for an ugly miscommunication to happen. In order to avoid this potential hurdle, Huemor, a web development company in NYC, discusses the difference between web design vs. web development below.

What is web design?
Web design concerns itself with a website’s aesthetics and user experience.  Designers focus on planning a user’s path through a website, and they use typography, colors, layouts, and visual hierarchy to do so. Web designers develop the look and feel of your site so that there’s consistency and flow between pages. Web designers are the specialists who can put your vision to paper and turn it into something beautiful, but they don’t build the website itself.

What is web development?
Web development concerns itself with building the website. Web developers are programmers: if a designer is the architect, the developer is the engineer. Web development requires programming knowledge (and usually knowledge of a framework like WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, or HTML5). Developers add interactive functionality, like active links, buttons, and sliders, to a website. If your website requires people to register and create profiles, or you collect leads through a form, then you need a developer. Of course, the best developers will empower their clients to make basic changes to the website without help.

What makes them different?
Web design is what you see and experience on a website and web development is what makes that experience function. Web design creates a specific aesthetic and experience while web development uses programming to make that experience work across devices and environments. Web design involves creativity, a trained artistic eye, and strong understanding of users. Web development is more structured, analytical, and scientific.

Why does the difference matter?
Any website redesign project needs both a web designer and a web developer. When you understand the difference between these two roles, you can set our clear expectations and responsibilities for each. For example, your web designer can help you define your goals for this redesign while the web developer can figure out how to build a website to achieve those goals. Understanding each role helps the project flow smoothly and create a final product that pleases everyone.

Now that you know the difference between web design and web development, you can define clear expectations for your next website redesign or development project.

About Huemor: Web Design Development Agency Huemor, helps ecommerce, beauty, SaaS, B2B, and nonprofit businesses create a best-in-class website experience to drive their online growth and improve their overall bottom line. Huemor’s team of designers and developers work to create memorable websites that tell your brand’s story, improve your key metrics, and display your brand with pride. Balancing memorable brand experiences with user-centric design, Huemor has amassed an impressive portfolio of case studies with successful clients, helping companies build memorable digital experiences for their brand across various industries.


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