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‘Walk the Ridge’ Empowers Betterment in Employees and Students Nationwide

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A unique new practice for ‘human betterment’ is reaching companies, colleges, and communities. Walking the Ridge is a revolutionary solution empowering users with an easy-to-learn system for healthier interaction through differences and disagreements.

The program is gaining new awareness with HR, D&I, community, and university leaders who are welcoming it with praise and positive reviews.

Solution creator and host Dr. Stephen Ambrose notes, “Incivility in work, home, online and community interactions is a common, cumulative, and often-missed force maiming human potential and relationships.

Our business, political, and media leaders fall far short of the mark when they merely ‘call’ on people to be civil and kind. That drove me to create a solution with more meat-on-the-bone for meaningful change – because people need and deserve far better.”

Surveys and studies show incivility and toxic communication are at epidemic levels, impacting employee performance, company commitment, college culture, family relationships; and contributing to medical errors and patient safety.

Walking The Ridge begins with an online program carrying an engaging blend of proven soft skills, dialogue techniques, personalized insights, plus support with real-world tips and examples. The solution also includes an eye-catching ‘reminder’ wristband of its meaningful logo, used as a visual anchor for ongoing improvement and accountability.

Ambrose states, “Walking the Ridge is not about compromise or losing one’s beliefs or values. It’s about employees, students, and any individual feeling more in control and less stressed in everyday conversations, phone calls, texts, online interactions, and meetings. We offer a full version for companies, communities, and individuals – plus a lite version for students.”

The solution takes a bottom-up and shared approach to compliment current employee, student, or community relations. It requires no software to purchase, zero integration, and the company handles all onboarding, management, and reporting at a low price point. It scales from one to 100,000 users at a time.

HR, D&I, school, and community leaders, as well as media are encouraged to request full access to review. Email [email protected]

Ambrose adds, “Walking the Ridge is not a learning course, but an ongoing practice for human betterment that injects and scales improvement for employee, student, and community relations. I invite and dare any organization to put this to their people and not see meaningful improvement.”

Media Contact
Contact: Dr. Steve Ambrose
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: (804) 929-8804

SOURCE Walk The Ridge

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