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Velocity Commerce Group Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary With Double-Digit Growth

DALLAS, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Velocity Commerce Group (VCG), an omnichannel commerce consultancy, today announced its two-year anniversary and milestone of achieving double-digit growth. Having opened up shop in 2019, VCG is backed by the power of TPN & Omnicom and is committed to solving retail challenges across channels and finding solutions for complete commerce, all with the goal of helping clients grow profitable and manageable businesses.

“We are thrilled to have reached this exciting milestone, especially during a time that has been quite unpredictable and relenting for the retail and digital industries,” said Joe Scartz, president of Velocity Commerce Group. “The pandemic has certainly created a prolific shift in consumer shopping behavior, and with the exponential growth of ecommerce, we’re excited to come alongside clients to help them build unique and customized commerce solutions in this rapidly changing landscape.”

Scartz is one of the original founders of VCG, and under his leadership, the group has brought together a team of seasoned retail veterans with deep consulting experience. With Scartz’s new role as President, Becca Kuo now serves as Director and the lead of performance media practice, helping companies to understand the intrinsic link between ecommerce and media. VCG also draws on the combined power of Omnicom to bring holistic solutions to clients, leveraging the creative commerce and retail experts at TPN, the digital experience designers at Critical Mass, and the support of the Omnicom Media Group.

With ecommerce sales 14.4 percent of all U.S. retail spending in 2020, and with estimates surpassing 19 percent by 2024 (minus automation and gas)1, Velocity Commerce Group is focused on four key offerings and practice areas, all of which are mirrored to solve the needs of today’s rapidly evolving retail models, including:

  • Pure Play: Pure Play can address needs of brands that sell their products through online-only retailers, recommending different approaches to showcase brands.
  • Direct to Consumer: Increasingly, brands are launching products that forego traditional intermediaries and are sending products directly to the consumer VCG’s team has analyzed different logistics, supply chain and marketing channels and can recommend the most optimal solutions for specific challenges while managing a brand’s complete ecommerce ecosystem efficiently.
  • Omnichannel Retail: VCG recommends and executes different solutions to support online and in-store purchases and transform a consumer’s experience at retailers. VCG has worked across myriad retailers, including Walmart, Instacart, Wayfair, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, Costco, Rite Aid, Harris Teeter.  
  • Amazon: VCG has a team dedicated to addressing the challenges that come with Amazon, whether it be as vendor, or as a third-party seller, or (increasingly) as an advertising vehicle.
  • Search Capabilities: Visibility and conversion are the main advantages of search campaign. In long term, search campaign grows market share by winning ad slots in your category to reach in market shoppers during their path-to-purchase.

“Our bread and butter is really diving in on deep channel strategy, on a brand-by-brand, product-by-product basis,” said Scartz. “Whether we’re helping small businesses get off the ground, or helping large businesses to shift retail plans to stay relevant, we pride ourselves on helping those businesses move up the value chain from executional to strategic. We’re eager to continue growing our business, as well as our clients’ businesses, as we look ahead to what we feel is a very bright ecommerce future.”

For more information on Velocity Commerce Group, please visit

About Velocity Commerce Group
Headquartered in Chicago, Velocity Commerce Group is a consultancy born out of TPN, a part of Omnicom Commerce Group. The team works with brands and manufacturers to manage their relationship with digital commerce. For more information, visit

1 EMarketer, US Ecommerce Growth Jumps to More than 30%, Accelerating Online Shopping Shift by Nearly 2 Years

SOURCE Velocity Commerce Group

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