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UniformMarket Launches Group Builder, a Sales Tool to Launch Group Stores on the Go

Uniform Distributors Can Now Launch Group Stores in Less Than an Hour 

EVANSTON, Ill., Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — UniformMarket, powered by SellersCommerce, launched the latest addition to its e-commerce platform in the form of a new sales tool: Group Builder. It allows the sales representatives of uniform distributors to launch new Group Stores in as little as one hour. Unlike the manual way of creating stores that would require at least five days to build, this simple tool, replete with pre-loaded configurations, can be used by sales reps who are conducting sales visits. 

On the company’s latest product launch, UniformMarket’s CEO, Ashok Reddy, said, “We noticed a lot of our uniform distributors were required to wait for weeks before they could get their new Group Store live. This resulted in a backlog of stores that were required to be created, effectively delaying a lot of business for them. Taking this into consideration, we have come up with this novel tool to create Group Stores on the go and solved one of their biggest problems.”

Here are some of the benefits of Group Builder:

  • A sales rep can launch a group store in a few clicks at the client site.
  • Its reusable and customizable templates apply to all products, departments, embroidery, and payment configurations.
  • The account representative can launch Group Stores right from their mobile devices.
  • Account representatives need not worry about saving drafts or resuming account configuration as it is a cloud-based solution.
  • A simple but effective approval process enables the administrator to quickly review the account setup and make the Group Store live.

UniformMarket’s Group Builder provides a carefully crafted six-step process that revolutionizes how uniform distributors can launch stores with complex uniform and gear requirements and approval processes on the go. 

About UniformMarket LLC: UniformMarket is one of the most sought-after e-commerce solution providers for the uniform, footwear, and gear industries for the past 15 years. Today, it is front-lining revolutionary e-commerce solutions to these industries through its unparalleled expertise and innovation. UniformMarket grew from Made to Measure magazine, the go-to industry trade journal for 90 years.

To add more power to it, UniformMarket is powered by SellersCommerce, a leading B2C, and B2B e-commerce platform provider led by Ashok Reddy.  

CONTACT: Kenneth Deheve, (847) 656-5770, [email protected]

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