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Top Nine – Viral Trend on Instagram

The Top Nine trend started in 2016 as a simple tool to review your Top Instagram posts. Since then it has grown exponentially every year, according to Google Trends.

The new Top Nine tool – Now on the CreatorKit platform

This year you won’t find the Top Nine tool on, where it’s been since 2016. Top Nine is now part of the CreatorKit platform, and it’s now available on and on the CreatorKit apps for iOS and Android.

This change enables users to use the CreatorKit video editor to create videos with their Top Nine photos and videos of 2020. The video editor was created by the same team after Top Nine went viral, and they now decided to add Top Nine to the platform.

Privacy and security warning with clones

Another reason for this change was that many clones claiming to be the original Top Nine were posing a security and privacy risk.

The company published a warning against non-authentic clones, after receiving messages from users who’d claim their Instagram account had been “hacked”, deleted, or modified after using Top Nine, when really they were unknowingly using a fake Top Nine clone.

How to create your Top Nine collage

Creating your Top Nine 2020 collage is super simple. Just enter your Instagram username and the service will generate the collage with your best nine Instagram photos and videos.

In certain cases, like when it is used by many people simultaneously, it will request your email address so you don’t have to wait for it to be generated.

Free service

Like every year, the website is free, offering other paid options on the CreatorKit platform.

One such paid option is to “jump the line” and ensure the collage is generated within seconds if it’s taking too long to load.

You can learn more about Top Nine following this link.

SOURCE CreatorKit

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