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Top Magento challenges and how to deal with them

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Magento is one of the most popular platforms for medium and big eCommerce businesses, and for a lot of reasons. Being one of the most flexible eCommerce solutions, it allows you practically any kind of integrations and adding any features that come to your mind.Magento Store Issues

While working with Magento, you may stumble upon different challenges and being prepared for them will save you lots of time.

Let’s dive in some of the most common ones and how to solve them!

1. Developing custom features vs using extensions provided by a third party

There are over 2,787 extensions for Magento so if you have an idea for a feature, first check on the Magento marketplace.

Magento test the quality of the extension’s code and safety. Magento developers contribute extensions to the marketplace, but you can also find some great modules available only on the websites of extension providers. Use trusted extension providers such as AheadworksMirasvitAmastyMageworx.

The secret is that if you change your mind and decide not to use the extension, you can get a refund. Keep in mind that not all companies allow such “returns” so check the conditions before you make a purchase.

If you can not find the right module in the marketplace, the next option would be to build it on your own. Customisation of an existing plugin may cost you more than the development from scratch.

Your project manager will estimate the amount of time needed for the development and installation and you will be able to estimate the projected return on this investment.

2. Slow loading

Slow loading is one of the biggest killers of your revenue. This may lead to cart abandonment, higher bounce rates, missing page components and as a result – decrease in sales.

You can check the issues by yourself enabling the Magento Compilation function and partnering with a reliable hosting provider. However, most often, the problems lie much deeper and the processes that slow down the website may be optimized only by a professional. You can visit PageSpeed Insights and ask your dedicated team to fix the problems mentioned there.

After the optimization, you can check the results by running the PageSpeed Insights test again.

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