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Top 6 Best Node.JS Frameworks for Web Apps in 2021


In this era of digitalization, most businesses are going online not only to provide the best services in the market but also to match the market trend with competitors. Thus, the need for the Node.JS Web Application Development framework came into the picture so as to cater all the business web application needs in 2021.

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS app development is a framework supported by Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for straightforward and quick building and ascendable network applications. This framework uses an event-driven I/O model that does not block and makes it lightweight and powerful, ideal for data-intensive apps that run through distributed devices in real-time.

Nodejs Frameworks

It is a multi-platform, open-source for server-side and networking applications development. It also includes a rich library of different JavaScript modules, which significantly simplifies the creation of web applications that use Node.js.

Node.js web application development is extremely quick in code execution. The applications never buffer any data and it is released under the MIT license. It uses one threaded program and therefore the same program can provide service to a way larger number of requests than conventional servers like Apache HTTP Server.


In recent years, owing to the tremendous demand for web applications, Node.JS has become one of the most common languages, thus increasing the hiring of Node.JS Developers by the Web application Development Companies.

With the market emerging rapidly there is tremendous growth in technologies and advanced software hence making Hiring a Node.Js developer a need for the organization which would boost the web application making the results tremendous for the organization.

As we know there are multiple frameworks under Node.Js, but in this blog, I would like to throw light on the top six Node.JS Frameworks for Web Apps in 2021.


Express is the first choice of developers as it is loved and used by 73 percent of developers when it comes to addressing the most common Node.JS frameworks.

It is one of the Node.JS Dynamic Platform that allows developers full simplicity and freedom to modify the application’s look and feel. Therefore, as it is lightweight, it is extremely simple and helps to guide servers and routers. Furthermore, for single-page web apps, blogs, or public HTTP APIs, this framework can be your first choice.

Benefits of Express

  • Provide support for multiple extensions and plugins to increase its capabilities
  • Integration of smooth data
  • A clear learning curve for developers who are already familiar with Node.JS
  • URL- based HTTP-based routing system
  • Robust, completely adjustable, and modular framework
  • Comes with MVC, which allows growing centric applications
  • Supports 14+ template engines and delivers excellent results


Koa is another wide Node.JS server-side platform that helps you to style and builds a server-side application to manage errors with the greatest performance. This architecture provides so-called generators that help to prevent callbacks and constructively normalize node flaws.

With Koa, you can handle various types of content with the same URL, such as translating a page, customizing content on an eCommerce website, handling image formats, and much more. It does not package any middleware within its heart, and it offers an elegant suite of techniques that make it easy and enjoyable for the developers.

Benefits of Koa

  • Koa.JS provides for a high degree of software customization.
  • ES6 Generator availability helps developers to prevent callback calls
  • A lightweight framework that gradually improves the efficiency of the software.
  • Ensuring a modular approach to the simple creation of dynamic web applications. is a full-stack platform that uses many programming languages. It provides a simple and clear API that interacts with virtually any service in harmony quickly. With its excellent speed and durability of development, developers are very pleased with this architecture.

It has traditionally been very difficult to write a chat application with common stacks of web applications such as LAMP (PHP). to overcome the includes polling for modifications on the server, keeping track of timestamps, and many more.

Benefits of

  • Real-time analytics offering
  • Binary Streaming and fast handling of sockets
  • Capacity to customize web socket URL routing
  • Auto identification of and correction of errors


Hapi is a freely accessible web applications platform and open-source platform. Since the platform is stable and rich in its security aspects, it is known for creating proxy servers, REST APIs, and other desktop applications. It has a lavish collection of plugins that are built-in, so you don’t have to think about using unauthorized middleware.

The easy idea for designing this system is to have a large team that performs many projects concurrently with fantastic implementation resources. Moreover, it has a wide variety of built-in extensions, so you don’t have to think about using any unauthorized middleware.

Benefits of Hapi

  • Provide recycled modules with extensive assistance.
  • Offers support for impressive plug-ins.
  • Excellent arrangement for large-sized and dispersed teams.


Nest can be the first choice of developers when it comes to building an enterprise-grade framework since it provides a full development kit that supports a large variety of libraries and uses modern JavaScript for development.

This modular architecture allows you real freedom by enabling the use of some other library. An adaptable ecosystem for all sorts of server-side applications that is a fully-fledged backbone. It takes advantage of the new JavaScript features, adding architecture trends to the field of Node.JS and mature solutions.

Benefits of Nest

  • Ensuring CLI for a flexible system & characteristics
  • Curve flat learning
  • FRP to automate dynamic (e.g. gaming, robotics) graphical user interfaces
  • High compatibility on the frontend for Angular Modular architecture for absolute versatility of production
  • Supply dedicated configuration for all forms of device review


Meteor is a Node.JS full-stack platform that helps developers to create applications for real-time web and mobile apps to ensure flawless operations since it uses a single API for both front-end and back-end development. Meteor is a solid Node.JS structure, so as opposed to Express Platform, it offers a heavy-duty web application creation process.

Benefits of Meteor

  • The same code of support for multiple platforms increases the software production company’s development performance.
  • Less Web and mobile device coding criteria
  • Simple to combine, like Angular, React, Vue, and more with other programming languages.
  • For ultimate app results, lightweight architecture


In a nutshell, it can be said that the major benefit of a chat application server using Node.JS make it possible for developers to scale software in both horizontal and vertical directions. Via the inclusion of additional nodes to the current structure, the systems can be scaled horizontally.

Starting to use Node.JS at the runtime is much simpler for them. So, if you are one of the App developers in India, it is time to consider migrating to Node.JS because that is where the immediate future lies as it would be saving both organizations precious money and time.

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