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6 Signs Your Growing Business Needs PIM Software

The importance of Product Data Management in an e-commerce strategy cannot be overstated. Afterall, making it easy for customers to find your products online is key to driving purchases. Product Information Management (PIM) software is a central hub where companies can collaboratively manage all of their product information. Today, merchandising products and optimizing them for

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Does E-Commerce Have Any Limits?

by: Tracey Aubey, Editor-in-Cheif Implementing an e-commerce solution will help just about any business. However, it does have limitations you need to be aware of to ensure it will become a successful method enabling a new way for your customers to access your products. You need to be aware of laws related to selling goods

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The Case For Customer Personas

by: Robert Neumann, Tech Editor Customer personas help brands define their ideal customers, humanize them, and operationalize them by providing marketing and sales with the insight they need to lay the groundwork for everything from successful ad campaigns, social media strategy, channel selection, content marketing, and more. Personas are built using the information you have about your

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What is Product Data Syndication?

Product Information Management (PIM) has a sub discipline called Product Data Syndication (PDS). While PIM basically is about how to collect, enrich, store and publish product information within a given organization, PDS is about how to share product information between manufacturers, merchants and marketplaces. Marketplaces Marketplaces is the new kid on the block in this

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Five things to consider when choosing eCommerce web hosting

by: Robert Neumann, Tech Editor   Choosing the correct website hosting provider can be a daunting decision when entering the world of eCommerce.  Clarity on some of the most important decisions could ease the decision. Being relevant in this fast-paced digital age of eCommerce is a major concern and one that is driven largely by

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PIM is the Right Content Management for Your E-Commerce

by: Tracey Aubey, Editor-In-Cheif   Content has become a critical factor when it comes to enabling customers to make an informed buying decision. The content requires strategic copywriting and positioning for both persuasion and convenience to the customers. Yet, poor content management by e-commerce engines continues to cause loss of sales. Why Most E-Commerce Engines

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Leveraging PIM with BPM

by: Robert Neumann, Tech Editor. When it comes to Product Inventory Management (PIM), the nature of cases most used will be aligned to “few stops” transactions, meaning that most transactions will have only a single hand-off in the value chain. Think about adding a new product, for example. One would go to a product management

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Business Applications over BPM?

Business Applications are simply a suite of software packages that enable certain business functions to be executed. Thus, Business Process Management (BPM) can have its own Business Applications. Indeed, BPM has its own Applications. BPM Applications are often referred to as Business Process Management Software (BPMS). Sometimes, though rarely, can be termed as Business Process

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BPM Farming – growing your benefits by fostering your existing platforms

BPM everywhere indeed! The third wave of business process management has come and receded, having left an irreversible imprint on today’s technology landscape and business practices alike. The IoT enables business processes to extend closer to our customers than ever before, while even more business applications sport BPM capabilities of some sort or another, nowadays.

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PIM Reporting in F&B Industry

On numerous occasions, many of us visit restaurants and hotels in order to satiate our cravings for delicious food and drinks along with getting a break from our daily mundane eating habits at our respective homes. We arrive at the restaurant or the hotel and peruse the Food and Drink Menu that is placed there

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