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6 Signs Your Growing Business Needs PIM Software

The importance of Product Data Management in an e-commerce strategy cannot be overstated. Afterall, making it easy for customers to find your products online is key to driving purchases. Product Information Management (PIM) software is a central hub where companies can collaboratively manage all of their product information. Today, merchandising products and optimizing them for

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Signs Your E-Commerce Business Needs a PIM System

The growth of e-commerce today is challenging businesses and teams to think about commerce and the solutions that run them differently. In the next couple of years, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion. And even though that only accounts for about 10% of total retail sales, one thing is abundantly clear—the opportunities for e-commerce businesses will

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Pro Tip: Why Content Auditing is So Important

One common mistake when it comes to developing and publishing content on a site is never touching it again. Having a content revitalization strategy to ensure content is relevant is just as (if not more) important than adding new content to drive organic traffic. If it’s been a while since older posts on your site

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PIM is the Right Content Management for Your E-Commerce

by: Tracey Aubey, Editor-In-Cheif Content has become a critical factor when it comes to enabling customers to make an informed buying decision. The content requires strategic copywriting and positioning for both persuasion and convenience to the customers. Yet, poor content management by e-commerce engines continues to cause loss of sales. Why Most E-Commerce Engines are

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Leveraging PIM with BPM

When it comes to Product Information Management (PIM), the nature of cases most used will be aligned to “few stops” transactions, meaning that most transactions will have only a single hand-off in the value chain. Think about adding a new product, for example. One would go to a product management platform, such as Pimcore (,

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Three Steps to Improve Your PIM Strategy

by: Robert Neumann, Tech Editor Step One: Have a PIM Strategy When you go on vacation do you jump in your car or on a jet and see where you end up with no budget, passport, luggage or time when you’ll get back to work? Once in a while that may be fun but having

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E-Commerce and the 2019 Holiday Season

by: Robert Neumann, Tech Editor The holiday season is the most wonderful—and the most challenging—time of the year for e-commerce sites. Amid the gift-buying frenzy, the high-traffic season sees intense competition from other merchants, increased instances of cybercrime, and overwhelmed, busy, distracted shoppers. E-Commerce specialists offer these practical checklists, e-commerce strategies, and tips for different phases

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Signs Your Enterprise Needs a Robust PIM Platform

by: Tracey Aubey, Editor-in-Cheif Organizations still dependent on traditional means of handling product information must transform their systems across the value chain – from supply chain to commerce to customers. They must do it not only to break into new markets and offer superior product experiences, but to increase overall conversion, enable omnichannel marketing, and decrease

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How to Change Your E-Commerce Game Plan

by: Robert Neumann, Tech Editor The world of e-commerce has grown big. It is quite telling that one of the world’s biggest companies by capitalization is Amazon, an e-commerce giant. This means that e-commerce is the way to go when it comes to buying and selling products. Unfortunately, a significant majority of e-commerce websites have

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