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Theator Partners with The Academy for Surgical Coaching to Provide Surgeons With AI-Driven Surgical Intelligence

SAN MATEO, California, Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Theator, the Surgical Intelligence platform leveraging AI and computer vision to improve surgeon performance, today announced a new partnership with The Academy for Surgical Coaching – a nonprofit organization that equips every surgeon with a Coach to support life-long learning and evaluations of surgical performance. The Academy for Surgical Coaching will utilize Theator’s smart annotation and video analytics technology to enable surgeons to review and learn from their own past surgeries, facilitating improvement so that they enter the next operating room as better surgeons. 

Surgeons today no longer have sufficient time to teach trainees, leaving them with limited performance feedback, which is subjective at best and usually confined to the operating room. This issue extends well beyond surgical training: today, even the most skilled and seasoned surgeons rarely get to review key moments from their own surgical procedures, let alone those from other surgeons. Without access to objective, scientific insight into their own performance, surgeons are less likely to widen or deepen their expertise beyond what they personally experience along their career paths. 

“Surgical coaching is proven to enhance surgeons’ performance in the operating room,” said Dr. Tamir Wolf, CEO and Co-founder of Theator. “Nevertheless, in recent years, and especially during this pandemic, face-to-face coaching has been neither feasible nor most effective. That’s why we’re excited to partner with the experts at the Academy for Surgical Coaching to enable continuous learning, self-evaluation, and peer-to-peer coaching through our surgical intelligence video-based platform.”

Theator’s innovative Surgical Intelligence platform, powered by advanced AI and computer vision technology, enables surgeons to gain deep scientific insight into their own performance and those of surgeons worldwide. By extracting and annotating every key moment from real-world surgical procedures, the platform improves surgeon performance from every angle – pre-operative preparation and post-operative analysis and debrief – and enables deeper department-wide visibility: raising standards and performance across surgical departments. Now, Theator’s collaboration with the Academy for Surgical Coaching brings the Academy’s esteemed peer surgical coaching to the platform. 

“At the Academy for Surgical Coaching, we seek partners that can help us achieve our mission of empowering surgeons through surgical coaching to improve their performance and patient care in the operating room,” said Jason C. Pradarelli, MD, MS, Medical Director of The Academy for Surgical Coaching. “We expect a productive collaboration with Theator, leveraging its AI-powered Surgical Intelligence platform to make surgical coaching more efficient, scalable, and valuable for surgeons.” 

About Theator

Theator is pioneering the Surgical Intelligence revolution, with an innovative platform built for surgeons by surgeons designed to address the variability and disparity in surgical care. Combining highly sophisticated artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, Theator puts defining intraoperative moments in the hands of surgeons so that they can continuously perfect their surgical craft. Theator is partnering with visionary surgeons, hospitals, professional societies, and research institutions to help create a smarter, more transparent operating room, while empowering surgeons to raise their expertise to the highest possible level. Based in San Mateo, California, the company is paving the path for real-time surgery decision-support, helping to create a stronger healthier world. For more information visit

About The Academy for Surgical Coaching

World-class athletes, musicians and teachers work with coaches to go from being great to being world-class. The Academy for Surgical Coaching is a nonprofit organization to bring coaching to surgeons. The Surgical Coaching program was developed through academic research in collaboration with major academic medical centers and has been proven in randomized clinical trials to change the way surgeons do surgery. The Academy for Surgical Coaching trains surgeons to become Surgical Coaches, pairs surgeons with Surgical Coaches, and manages coaching programs. Coaching surgeons involves slowing down and developing new ways of thinking about surgery through goal-setting, action-planning and follow up. The Academy for Surgical Coaching has trained over 130 Surgical Coaches and conducted over 300 hours of surgical coaching. For more information visit

Theator Media Contact:
Gavriella Weinreb
Headline Media 
[email protected] 
+1 914 775 5135

The Academy for Surgical Coaching Media Contact 
Addi Faerber
Executive Director
Academy for Surgical Coaching
[email protected] 
+1 608 301 5156

SOURCE Theator

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