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The PIM ROI Story – PIM Software

Return on investment or ROI has been a concept often surfacing in conversations when it comes to PIM. While the general population of those understanding product information management or PIM continues to grow at a steady rate, the question still remains “is it worth it in the long run?”

In the newest installment of the world’s only product information management podcast, PIMtalk, host, Thomas Sjöberg sat down with Dan O’Connor to get the scoop on ROI. Serving as head of product data practice at Aware, one of inRiver’s valued partners, O’Connor is what we like to call a data expert.


As the pair discussed the PIM ROI story, they delved into some of the biggest benefits that PIM offers, putting an emphasis on the sheer quality of the data alone that a proper PIM software provides.

“Being able to see all of that data, and apply data quality standards to that data upfront is very important as a benefit to PIM,” O’Connor said.

After hitting on various other benefits of PIM, O’Connor brought up the fact that 12 percent of returns occur because the product delivered did not match the product in the picture. This error, he explained, can be attributed to product data that is unorganized and inauthentic, in other words, not contained by a PIM solution.

So does PIM pay off? Yes…in more ways than one. Listen to the end of the PIM ROI story in the full episode here. Don’t forget to register for PIMpoint Americas September 18 in Chicago to learn from industry experts and top brands how to drive ROI from PIM, maximize e-commerce, and much more.

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