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October 8th

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The Kombucha Shop Acquired by Serial ECom Entrepreneur and CEO of SkyDiamond Elite

The multi-million dollar acquisition highlights the incredible efforts of forward thinking entrepreneurs who see opportunity in light of the financial struggles that many companies are facing. When asked why Habib thought this was an acquisition worthwhile during a global pandemic, he responded:

‘Our health means everything, perhaps now more than ever. The effects of superior brewed kombucha are clear and backed by numerous health experts.We live in a culture that is valuing personal health at the highest levels ever. I saw an opportunity to purchase and expand upon this growing health trend by using my digital marketing prowess to better reach those desperate to make an easy, affordable, and delicious lifestyle change.’

For a majority of Americans embracing a healthy lifestyle, Kombucha is a critical element to their daily healthy living. One needs only to look at the endless shelves of $5+ bottles of kombucha in their local grocery store chain to witness its growing influence and demand on the marketplace. The Kombucha Shop specializes in kombucha home brewing kits that include premium all-organic ingredients. This is spearheaded by their own brewery that uses a proprietary blend of ingredients to create a superior SCOBY, the main catalyst to brewing consistently delicious kombucha.

Within 8 months of new ownership, Habib Bakshi has taken the #1 selling kombucha home brewing kit both online and via Amazon, to new heights. The Kombucha Shop has become a burgeoning enterprise that has seen 3x sales thanks to the digital prowess behind its new ownership.

About Habib Bakshi

Habib Bakshi is the CEO of a digital marketing agency focused on elevating ecommerce revenue for the fashion and luxury segment. Their expertise in brand amplification strengthens a brands digital footprint and deepens engagement fueling robust revenue growth.  They manage over $1.8B in digitally driven revenue while maintaining a 97% client retention rate.  Habib and his executive team create partner loyalty by consistently delivering wins through operational excellence via C-Suite level talent. 

About The Kombucha Shop

The Kombucha Shop is a kombucha home brewing supply company whose mission is to help people brew incredible kombucha at home. They design innovative and one-of-a-kind home brewing supplies to make brewing kombucha at home easy, affordable, and fun. TKS remains steadfast in their commitment to using organic ingredients and partnering with local U.S. businesses and manufacturers to build thriving local communities.

Jonathan Szedeli
SkyDiamond Elite
[email protected]

SOURCE SkyDiamond Elite

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