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Teen Sexting Novel Exposes Real-Life Consequences of Dating in the Digital Age

WAYNE, N.J., Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Attorney and author Felicia Farber releases her new young adult novel ICE QUEEN on the legal dangers of mixing the common teen behaviors of sexting and cyberbullying with social media. ICE QUEEN shines a spotlight on the risks teens and tweens take every time they send or receive a text, message, or email that could be considered sexually explicit. Not only can issues like revenge porn and sextortion pose problems for teens who sext, they also have to worry about breaking the law.

Farber shares her legal expertise on electronic bullying and harassment to make teenagers, parents, and educators aware that what’s become normative digital behavior for many teens can have serious—and even criminal—consequences. With rapid advancements in technology, our laws related to sexting are often outdated or inadequate, especially with respect to minors. Laws intended to target adult sexual predators can end up ensnaring teenagers, sweeping them into the same category as child pornographers.

“Teen sexting is not child porn,” says Farber. “Adolescents caught sexting should not be treated as criminals or prosecuted as child pornographers. We need to educate teens and tweens so they understand the social, emotional, and legal ramifications of their online actions before they get into trouble.”

ICE QUEEN is a unique impact novel that raises awareness of the very real risks to today’s teens who live their lives online and has received excellent reviews. READERS’ FAVORITE says, “Ice Queen is a suspenseful page-turner that takes on a heavy topic and places it into an engaging and suspenseful narrative to illustrate how dating in the digital age can come with unexpected consequences.” SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW gives ICE QUEEN a five-star rating: “This book should get pushed to the top of everyone’s list…. A great read for many reasons.”

About the Author: Felicia Farber is an attorney in North Jersey who writes and presents on the topics of sexting, cyberbullying and cyber-harassment to the legal and medical communities and is featured on numerous blogs and podcasts.

For more information on the novel and electronic harassment visit: To request a copy of ICE QUEEN or to schedule an interview, please contact Felicia Farber at PYRAMID PRESS by phone: (973) 868-2219 or email: [email protected]

SOURCE Felicia Farber

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