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Swift Mortgage, LLC joins the AppraisalVision network

Matthew Martin, Executive Vice President of Swift Mortgage, LLC expressed, “Everyone is looking for a digital appraisal order and review process to get through current volumes. Not only did AppraisalVision streamline the process, but now there’s no more guessing whether our reports will be completed correctly or wrestling with AMCs to make revisions.”

AppraisalVision is excited to have another forward-looking lender join their network, to show the mortgage industry that the appraisal process doesn’t need to be unpredictable and costly to borrowers and industry stakeholders. By implementing their products and injecting actionable prescriptive analytics into their appraisal process, Swift Mortgage, LLC will be able to make informed business decisions and recreate all the benefits of having their own appraisal desk through AppraisalVision.

“Through the appraisal process and report itself, we’ve been discussing the risk mortgage industry participants are exposed to and how important it is that we get everyone one the same page,” said Founder and CEO Jim Cutillo. “Swift Mortgage is a great addition to our network, and we can’t wait to see how their business grows with our support.”

Swift Mortgage, LLC also selected three other AppraisalVision AMCs to add to their panel of AMCs. Those companies include Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN), Tri-Serv, Synergy, and Equity Solutions.

About AppraisalVision
AppraisalVision is the industry’s first on-demand platform for home appraisals and valuations. Powered by Vision Analytics and their machine learning algorithm, known as an AQPM Score, AppraisalVision’s SMART products optimize AMC selection, appraiser assignment, and appraisal QC and underwriting. Providing management of the order from start to finish, with their revolutionary data and analytical approach. Jim Cutillo, founder and former CEO of Stonegate Mortgage Corporation is leading a team of tech savvy, next generation industry experts, focused on reinventing the appraisal process. For more information on AppraisalVision and their available solutions for mortgage industry stakeholders, visit

About Swift Mortgage, LLC
For more information, visit

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