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SupportPay Announces New Web and Mobile App, Ramps Up User Experience Ahead of Summer

  • New User Interface & Experience: The brand new and more intuitive user interface gives parents an even simpler experience that’s easy to navigate
  • Enhanced Dispute Management: The improved conflict and dispute resolution process manages disagreements and allows parents to dispute individual items while ensuring other payments continue to flow through the system.
  • Additional Customization Features: SupportPay knows every family’s expenses are different, and users now have the ability to customize and name expenses, categorize expenses with custom categories and track by individual child
  • Automated Expense Entry: With a new advanced receipt scanning feature, users can simply snap a photo of a receipt, and SupportPay automates the process of entering expense data and calculating each parent’s share
  • Enhanced Organization: Through improved search and filtering functions, users can readily find specific expenses and review payment history.
  • Certified Records: New and improved filtering and exporting makes exporting and submitting  certified records easier than ever

SupportPay provides parents with a secure platform to share expenses, upload receipts, and request payments in under a minute, all while keeping their personal financial information private. The app helps reduce conflict by completely eliminating the need to communicate with your ex about money. By fully automating expense tracking, payments, automatic receipt scanning, shared communications, document storage and dispute management, SupportPay also creates a certified record of all financial activity from day one.

“As the country starts to open up as we head into summer, co-parents are once again faced with navigating the variety of expenses that come with it,” said Sheri Atood, Founder & CEO of SupportPay. “With kids’ expenses increasing given the pandemic and back to school shopping happening earlier than ever, we wanted to ensure co-parents had a resource to handle these efficiently and effectively. The new features we’re rolling out within SupportPay allow parents to spend even less time uploading, splitting and communicating about expenses, while still ensuring kids get the financial support they deserve, and ultimately allowing them to spend more time with their children.”

No other application out there that manages both alimony and child support payments, and SupportPay’s brand refresh and product updates support secure, customizable conflict resolution and dispute management functions. Over the past year, SupportPay has raised over $1M in seed funding from its participation in both Jason Calacanis’ LAUNCH Accelerator program and Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab, an accelerator program that invests in early stage, high growth companies. The new version comes as a result of the funding at a time when families need it most, with SupportPay having recently seen its highest growth rates during the pandemic.

About SupportPay:
Over $900B is exchanged each year between parents who are raising children together but living apart. SupportPay is the first and only co-parenting app to automate and manage child support payments and expenses, so you never have to communicate – or argue – with your ex about money again. SupportPay offers a private, secure platform to share expenses, upload receipts, approve/dispute requests, and send payment reminders, while offering a complete certified record  of all documents and transactions. SupportPay is available online and on iOS and Android. In addition to its consumer app, the SupportPay Family Law Network provides court administrators, family lawyers, mediators, therapists, and others within the child support ecosystem with resources to streamline child support agreements and family court processes. Find out more at

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