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Supporting Online Small Businesses Beyond the Holidays is Paramount to Success

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Urtasker understands that small businesses are a dramatically large and critical segment of the American economy. In fact, it is widely known that they comprise up to 99% of United States businesses. Unfortunately, even when the economy is thriving, small businesses, according to, have a 50% survival rate beyond five years. To diversify income streams and adapt to consumer buying behavior trends, many small businesses have sought solace in selling online.

Although the stats are perplexing, they all point in one cohesive direction: selling online provides small businesses with significant opportunities. In fact, the Walmart Marketplace growth alone has been seismic as its eCommerce sales surged to 97% annual growth in the recent quarter. As well, sellers already benefiting from selling on Amazon are expanding their growth potential and benefiting from lower fees and flexible return policies by expanding into the Walmart Marketplace.

Regardless of eCommerce platform, small businesses must be supported, not just during the holidays, on Black Friday or Cyber Monday when they have reduced prices dramatically to compete with the onslaught of discounts, but in 2021 and beyond.

Enter Urtasker, a full-service marketing agency with a passion for small businesses. Urtasker may be global, however, it was once a small business and the core principles which drove the company to success are now pillars that lead its small business clients to online growth, maximizing their potential.

Omer Riaz, founder of, commented, “I have a sincere appreciation for small businesses and a dedicated team to serve them. Our Walmart Marketplace Management, Amazon Listing Optimization and full agency of services give small business new platforms from which to sell and grow.”

Sell and grow, they have. In the article How to Appreciate and Help our Small Businesses, Riaz discusses their feedback and stellar Clutch rankings in all categories, from quality to schedule and cost.

Small businesses that sell on the Walmart Marketplace, Amazon or even Shopify and eBay and leverage Urtasker to optimize their sponsored ads and listings, are driving further profit and expansion of revenues. Likewise, sellers who have yet to breach these eCommerce juggernauts can put the power of a robust marketing firm behind them, leveraging its knowledge and deepening their chance for success, growth and profits.

Putting its time and money where its mouth is, Urtaker is offering a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss directly with businesses their goals, providing them with actionable options to meet or exceed these goals. Simply visit and schedule a consultation today and, together, we can flourish tomorrow.

Urtasker delivers results. Founded in 2015, we recognized that there was a tremendous need for specialized digital marketing services to create and develop strategies for growth, through a program of numerous, specialized, marketing agency services for e-commerce businesses, worldwide on Amazon, Walmart and more. Visit or call (631) 993-8899 today.

Omer Riaz
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 631-993-8899
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