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October 8th

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Social Commerce + PIM for the Win – PIM Software

What role has social commerce and PIM played in the explosion of e-commerce in the 21st century? How can companies use social commerce to attract new buyers? And how do we shorten the path of turning browsers into buyers of our products via social media channels?

On this week’s PIMtalk our host Thomas Sjoberg sits down with Beenish Maqsood, the Partner Manager for Productsup as the pair discuss social media, e-commerce, PIM, and how to answer these pressing questions for your business.

PIMtalk guest speaker Beenish MaqsoodPIMtalk guest speaker Beenish MaqsoodPIMtalk guest speaker Beenish Maqsood

A product manager, active marketer, and social media producer with almost a decade of work experience, Maqsood shared insights into the future of e-commerce and the ways in which social media is taking the platform forward.

“For me it’s all about sharing and spreading products to create new customer channels,” Maqsood said. “The use of these channels and trends is becoming more common and more extreme especially in e-commerce as the industry is entering a unique opportunity to both create and use these channels for the growth of our businesses.”

Want more insights on social media and its impact? Interested in how the traditional salesperson has changed in the digital age? Listen to the full PIMtalk here.

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