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SMS Survey Software: Effective Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

In this fast-paced world, mobile devices are more widely used by people across the world compared to any other electronic device for basic communication. According to recent studies, an average US adult spends more than 3 hours on their mobile devices every day. It should, thus, not come as a surprise as most brands prefer to engage with their existing and potential customers via text message (SMS) as it is comparatively more unobtrusive and effortless. Hence, SMS surveys can truly help brands to master an omnichannel feedback program.


SMS surveys are more cost-effective as you can easily send the SMS to your customers in bulk with the help of an SMS survey tool. Therefore, if you are thinking of using the same method to gain valuable feedback from your clients, here are some effective ways in going about ensuring just that:

ORDERLY SMS SURVEYS: SMS surveys are one of the easiest ways of collecting customer feedback as customers tend to click on a link when it is sent to them directly. Automating or scheduling the text survey can help small businesses to receive customer satisfaction feedback consistently.

It offers two massive advantages. Firstly you do not have to spend your time manually generating each survey and, secondly, your customers would be reminded of your brand on a regular basis. Using an SMS Survey Tool for automation would also help you send your customers “Thank You” messages right after they have taken the survey, thus leaving an overall positive impression on your client.

CAMPAIGN-BASED SMS SURVEYS: If you want to promote a new product line, service, or an upcoming event, you can use a campaign-based customer feedback app to send out updates to your targeted audience via an SMS. This way, you would be able to identify your customers’ perspective on your new ventures your brand might be undertaking. You can even send personalized texts according to your target audience to attract more people into filling out the forms.

In addition to these, you can even promote your new products by advertising about them on surveys that you send out to your customers when they buy older products.

LOCATION-REVIEW SURVEYS: It is not mandatory for you to send only those customers an SMS survey when they buy a product or service from your brand. You can use the help of an effective customer feedback software to send an SMS survey to whoever visits your business.

Therefore, you would be able to show your customers your gratitude while knowing what they and potential converts may think of your brand. You can include questions about customer service, product display, product pricing, and various other factors that affect the first impression of your brand in these surveys too.

PROFESSIONAL SURVEY: Professionalism is of the utmost importance when you are sending an SMS survey to your customers. This will show your target audience how serious you are about their feedback. Mention your brand name, write a brief positive message before the survey link, and proofread the feedback request before you send them out.

By incorporating these small yet effective elements in the overall process, you would be able to improve the chances of your target audience engaging with the survey. You can use an SMS Survey Software that will not only create the survey form for you but also keep the questions customer and business objective-centric at the same time.

RETAINING SMS SURVEY: To maintain customer loyalty, you have to look after your old customers as they were the first ones who believed in your brand. Surveys done using the best SMS Survey Tool can be used to perform a churn analysis of what your old customers are thinking about your brand. It would help you to know if and why your old customers have not done any business with your brand.

Therefore, you can take appropriate actions that would effectively change the perception of your customers as well as convert their negative feedback into opportunities to make positive changes to your brand.

GOOGLE RATE SURVEY: You can also use SMS surveys to encourage your target audience to share their reviews about your brand on Google. Google reviews are useful in various ways and this includes boosting the SEO of one’s business. SEO is regarded as one of the most reliable and robust strategies used in today’s world to promote small businesses as well as increase one’s ranking on the Google search results. As most users are logged-in on their phone through their google accounts, sending the google survey form to them via a text would directly take them to the Google review sections, making the transition smooth and increasing chances of engagement.

Wrapping Up

In a business, it is important that you consider all customer feedback essential for improving your brand image. You have to make your customers feel that their opinions matter. Conducting surveys using a customer feedback app can not only help you to identify your shortcomings but also allow you to assist your customers in a better way possible.

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