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Silicon Review Chooses PlateSmart as One of 50 Best Companies to Watch

“PlateSmart has always been an innovation leader,” said CEO John Chigos. “We were the first to offer a software-only, camera-agnostic ALPR solution powered by early AI for object recognition back in the early 2000s. In 2016, we introduced a true ALPR/vehicle recognition solution. Today, we are the premier provider of AI-based ALPR/vehicle recognition solutions for law enforcement agencies, smart cities, airports – essentially all security applications as well as retail and commercial applications. We’re honored to have been recognized by the Silicon Review for being on the cutting edge of ALPR and vehicle recognition.”

In a lengthy article accompanying PlateSmart’s inclusion in the listing, Chigos discussed how PlateSmart technology can help prevent crime and terrorism.

“While many in our industry promote their solutions as investigative tools, ours is really designed to prevent crime and terrorism in the first place,” he said. “When used in conjunction with other intelligence, PlateSmart technology can help law enforcement identify aberrant vehicle behavior, like someone casing a target. It can notify authorities in advance, so they can take action before a bad actor has a chance to take lives.”

Chigos cited a recent instance of PlateSmart solutions helping stop a domestic terrorist in Western Pennsylvania with 30 bombs and assorted weapons in his vehicle.

“Because authorities can connect our technology to NCIC as well as state and local law enforcement data bases – and because we can return results in real time – PlateSmart gives police an edge over criminals and terrorists,” he said. “And because we’re software-only, our solutions are within reach of law enforcement agencies large and small.”

Chigos was interviewed by One America News Network (OANN) about the Pennsylvania incident and how ALPR/vehicle recognition can prevent crime and terrorism.

The 50 Best Companies to Watch recognition is but the latest in a string of recognitions PlateSmart has earned for excellence.

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