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ShopFluency Helps Retailers Navigate Apple’s Privacy Changes

DULUTH, Ga., July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ShopFluency, a software solution that delivers fact-based, data-rich customer profiles, is guiding clients through Apple’s recent changes to cross-site tracking cookies.

Following Apple’s April 2021 release of the iOS 14.5 update, many eCommerce retailers and digital marketers were hit with the question of how to reach their customers now that the smartphone manufacturer has rolled out it’s most robust update on the Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature, specifically within Apple’s Safari browser.

With Apple customers being given the choice to opt out of third-party cookie tracking, companies are losing access to the data previously captured through user clicks and online activity. These tools have been long-relied on to develop customer segmentation for targeted and retargeting ad campaigns, as well as email marketing. Although there are prolonged impacts to the performance of campaigns following the updates, major changes will not occur immediately, allowing companies the opportunity to shift their strategy and reallocate efforts.

ShopFluency offers companies a long-term alternative to the third-party tracking problem. By providing a set of consumer profiles and recommendations, as well as access to a list appended with profile data, businesses owners and marketers are able to make real-time decisions about their unique customer base.

This rich, first-party data is already being collected with each customer transaction, but with ShopFluency’s technology, this data can now be leveraged similarly to third-party cookie data, in order to create robust demographic profiles about consumers in real-time. Companies can then use that information to target returning visitors with offers based on their shopping history, increasing the chances that they will complete their transactions within the same visit.

These demographic profiles can also be used to develop targeted communications, emails, custom social media audiences, and personal offers for customers.

“Although the discussion around third-party cookies has been going on for a while, the latest changes have still caused a great deal of panic for eCommerce companies who rely on that data. ShopFluency not only offers an alternative to third-party cookies, but a valuable tool for digging deeper into a consumer base for more accurate targeting and segmenting efforts,” said Seth Hirsch, VP of Analytics & CRM Strategy for ShopFluency.   

To learn more about ShopFluency and its data-driven, game-changing customer profiles, visit or ShopFluency’s LinkedIn page.

ABOUT ShopFluency
Launched in 2020, ShopFluency is a marketing analytics platform designed for e-commerce companies and marketing agencies seeking an “unfair” advantage over their competitors. ShopFluency combines your store’s data with insights gleaned from multiple other sources to build fact-based, data-rich customer profiles, providing your team with the critical information needed to laser-focus its efforts on the highest value targets, increase retention, and lower your cost per acquisition. With ShopFluency, you’ll finally have access to the kind of analytics and understanding previously reserved for Fortune 500 retailers.

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