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SHE Media Embraces Compliant Cannabis Advertising with Fyllo Compliance Cloud

NEW YORK, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SHE Media, a leading lifestyle publisher, has entered into a strategic partnership with Fyllo that allows Fyllo to leverage SHE Media’s deep experience in digital publishing, its high standards for ad quality, and its leadership in industry transformation. As part of their arrangement, SHE Media will beta test and provide feedback to Fyllo’s on its revolutionary compliance technology, designed to efficiently automate the screening of ad creative to ensure its alignment with quality standards.  Fyllo’s proprietary technology combines AI, machine learning, image recognition, and natural language processing to instantly screen advertising creative to ensure the creative meets the highest standards and publisher policies, thus removing the inefficiencies and cost of undertaking the process manually for those publishers that choose to monitor their ad content.

This first of its kind partnership for the lifestyle outlet underscores the ways technology companies and publishers can work together to help address inconsistent, low quality and non-compliant ad creative. Fyllo’s technology has the potential to help automate the review process of inbound ad creative from highly-regulated verticals, giving digital publishers that opt to undertake internal review of ad creative an efficient mechanism for scaling into these growing verticals. Fyllo’s compliance automation technology has the potential to address publishers’ and readers’ concerns about ad quality across the digital ad ecosystem, helping digital publishers hold advertisers accountable for their obligations to adhere to regulatory standards, brand guidelines and ad specs.

While SHE Media, and most publishers, rely on advertisers to take responsibility for the content of their advertisements, SHE Media believes that all content that appears on publisher sites, whether editorial or advertising, should be of the highest possible quality, and supports the development of technology that can help digital advertisers further that goal.

“We know that ad quality is still a major issue across the digital landscape.  Especially in the open market. Fyllo is the missing technological piece in the ecosystem that can help publishers and high quality brands that choose to review ad content filter out low quality and non-compliant ads on the creative level,” said Ryan Nathanson, SVP Operations, SHE Media.

Of the ad industry’s current challenges in ensuring the quality and compliance of cannabis creative, David Cohen, CEO, IAB said, “There is no doubt that consumer adoption of cannabis and the growth of the overall sector has been constrained by creative compliance requirements in the ad-supported digital ecosystem. Fyllo’s compliance automation technology solves this challenge and unlocks new digital media revenue streams for publishers. This allows media companies to embrace cannabis in a way that they simply couldn’t before.”

“Before Fyllo, there was no all-in-one solution for publishers to access the cannabis and CBD advertising marketplace with efficiency, safety, and scale.  The compliance process was labor intensive and brand safety concerns kept the major players on the sidelines,” said Chad Bronstein, CEO and founder of Fyllo. “The Fyllo Compliance Cloud overcomes these challenges and automates the experience for publishers allowing them to expand into this lucrative vertical at a scale and speed that was previously impossible.”

As a long time leader in industry transformation, SHE Media has played a pivotal role in driving broader policy reform aimed at addressing a variety of digital media challenges from leading advancements in ad-tech to now leading a major advancement in ad quality. Fyllo’s compliance automation technology has the potential to allow publishers to explore new streams of revenue, which could directly benefit SHE Media’s network of independent writers and contractors, allowing them to continue delivering the stories and services that more than 79 million unique viewers a month enjoy.

About SHE Media:

SHE Media is a mission-driven digital media company created by and for women with 79 million unique visitors per month (Comscore, March 2020) and 350 million-plus social media fans and followers. Our mission is to validate women’s voices and leadership as a unifying force for global good. The SHE Media Partner Network is the leading source for thousands of content creators, offering a diverse portfolio of monetization opportunities and educational materials to help them turn their passions into profit. SHE Media encompasses a family of leading media properties alongside our flagship sites:, STYLECASTER, HollywoodLife and #BlogHer, which hosts the world’s leading events for female content creators and entrepreneurs. SHE Media is also the creator of innovative platforms that include: The #Femvertising Awards, which honors the best pro-female advertising each year; Hatch, a resource for parents featuring Gen Z-generated content; and The Pitch, a live event series for women entrepreneurs. Samantha Skey, CEO of SHE Media, is a strategic advisor with Fyllo.

About Fyllo

The Fyllo Compliance Cloud is a suite of software and services built to overcome the complexities of highly regulated industries. We deliver data, media, retail and regulatory solutions that enable organizations to streamline compliance, increase efficiencies, and scale with speed. Mainstream brands also seek out Fyllo’s Data Marketplace to target previously inaccessible cannabis and CBD consumers.


SheMedia relies on its advertisers to adhere to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in connection with all advertising content. SheMedia expresses no opinion about Fyllo’s AI technology, including its ability to ensure compliance with regulatory or legal requirements.

For Further Information, Please Contact:

Andrew Young 
[email protected]


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