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Redefining Commerce on PIMtalk Live – PIM Software


A Senior IT project manager, a head of product data practice, co-founder, and podcast host all walk into a room; a ballroom at that. Although they come from different roles, they effectively share similar B2B challenges. Specifically, they have realized that B2B manufacturers must revolutionize their vision and start to think like B2C marketers. It’s about redefining commerce for 2020 and beyond.

On this special episode of PIMtalk, the world’s first and only product information podcast, our host, Thomas Sjöberg was joined by Karen Klein, Dan O’Connor, and Mark White at PIMtalk Live! at PIMpoint Americas 2019 in Chicago. Klein serves as the Senior IT Project Manager at New Balance, O’Connor works as Aware’s (now Verndale) Head of Product Data Practice, and White is one of content26’s co-founders.

In front of a packed marketing audience, the panel delved into B2B practices of old, reminiscing about arcane data processes that skewed and complicated the way they delivered product information. The team of experts comprised of Klein, O’Connor, and White reasoned how messaging must be developed to engage consumers on a personal, less corporate-like manner.

There are more challenges that come with adopting a B2C mindset after decades of accepted B2B strategies, however.

“We do have to market differently to our B2B customers and to our B2C customers,” remarked Klein. “Our B2B customers though are looking to us to help them market to their B2C customers as well. It’s taking that not just why should you buy a bulk amount of our products, but then how can we help you sell those products to your customers in a unique experience?”

PIMtalk live from PIMpoint

“It’s no longer whose catalog is on top that is getting the business, it’s whose website they’re going to the most often,” said O’Connor. “How exactly they’re engaging with that website and they’re stripping the salesperson out of that endeavor, more to be we’re going to have that e-commerce experience that’s similar to what we would purchase our regular or products that we use at home.”

“Your customer needs to be entertained,” said White. “You can’t have dry copy. That’s where you talk about where the source of your food’s coming from. The value proposition of your company comes with it. Bad information leads to bad returns, leads to bad user reviews. You got to have a great product and bad user reviews is can cost you millions of dollars because of bad information.”

To learn more about the future of B2B marketing and streamlined customer experiences from the B2B experts, listen to the full episode of PIMtalk Live! here.

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