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ReadyShipper X Shipping Software Rolls Out Massive Update to Help Connect Decentralized E-Tailers, Improve Efficiency & Beat the USPS Rate Hike

PHOENIX, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ReadyCloud ( has announced a major update to its ReadyShipper X shipping software, rolling out faster speeds, team collaboration, and added features designed to improve the way retailers work. With more ways to ship, and faster ways to get packages to consumers—ReadyShipper X is helping retailers meet the growing demand of consumers nationwide without the limitations of a browser-based shipping system. 

A recent CNBC report finds that online shopping has increased by more than 30% this year as consumers turn to eCommerce to meet their needs. A related report by Digital Commerce 360 finds that 33% of consumers are now shopping online at least one time per week. More consumers shopping means that carriers are shipping more packages per day than ever before—with the major carriers reporting their highest shipping volumes in modern history. 

“E-retail and the shipping industry as a whole have never seen such demand,” comments Michael Lazar, Director of Marketing at ReadyCloud. “Consumers are buying online more than ever before, and retailers are struggling to keep up—with many of them experiencing growing pains from inefficiencies they didn’t know they had. The point is that many of these merchants have simply outgrown their browser-based shipping system. Print speeds and internet lag are taking a toll. The good news is that ReadyShipper X is a modern solution with the flexibility of a web-based system and the reliability and print speeds of working from your desktop.”

ReadyShipper X is a hybrid-cloud “thin client” and works like popular, modern clients like MS Teams or Slack. The application is powered by the desktop, not a web browser, and shares small bits of data with its online database in ReadyCloud. This results in a faster, smoother application without lag, enabling ReadyShipper X to print up to three labels per second for faster fulfillment. It is an ideal solution for growing businesses and volume shippers, including third-party logistics providers (3PLs), and warehouses—where ReadyShipper X can be connected to multiple workstations and across numerous locations for optimal efficiency. 

ReadyShipper’s blend of local and cloud-based resources extends to the ReadyCloud App Store—where new sales channels can be added any time and without disruption.  The App Store includes integrations for Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, eBay, Square, Zapier, Instagram and more. Each channel instantly syncs to feed orders to ReadyShipper X for fulfillment.

“It’s time to re-evaluate your shipping software,” Lazar adds. “Ask yourself: Is it limiting? Does it prepare your team in the best possible way for the holidays? Does it have an answer for the USPS rate hikes? Try our no-risk trial to see how it can help you and your team tackle volume while reducing cost.”

ReadyShipper X shipping software is a premium App for the ReadyCloud Suite. 

New users can start a 14-day free trial by creating a ReadyCloud account at:   

Use ReadyShipper X with all its features risk-free for two weeks. After that, add it to the ReadyCloud Suite for just $20/month per user. 

Got questions or want to schedule a free demo? Give ReadyCloud a ring at: 877-818-7447. Or email them at: [email protected]

Learn more at: 

About ReadyCloud  

ReadyCloud is a suite of connected systems designed to improve the way you work. Shipping, Returns, Growth Marketing and more are all connected through ReadyCloud for better communications from Admin to Operations.

Media Contact:
Michael Lazar
[email protected] 

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