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Pur Chlor-itizer by Pur-Well Living, Unlimited Disinfectant for Under 10 Cents a Gallon

BUFFALO, N.Y., July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Growing concerns over empty store shelves and increased prices for cleaning supplies have led one company to take action. “It seems as though this phenomenon has been happening since the beginning of the COVID pandemic back in March,” said operations director Shaun Chojnacki. “It’s now mid-July and we are still seeing a shortage of cleaning supplies and increased prices. That’s why we decided to bring this device to the market. We wanted to help our customers save money and stay safe.”

The Pur Chlor-itizer provides an affordable cleaning solution for any home or office setting. This device offers an alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals by turning tap water from your sink and regular table salt into a hypochlorite disinfectant solution through the process of electrolysis. This extremely powerful solution yields 317 parts per million (ppm); the department of health recommends solutions to be above 200 ppm for sanitizing.

This technology has been available commercially for a few years however, it has been difficult to find and very expensive with a price of $180 and up for a single unit.  Pur Well Living is excited to make its new Pur Chor-itizer technology affordable at an early launch price of $49.99

Pur-Well Living, which focuses on providing products for the mind, body and home, is excited about the introduction of the Pur Chlor-itizer.  It joins their line of sanitization and sterilization products that include the UV Pur Phon-itizer, Pur Oxygen air purifier and UV Toothbrush Sterilizer.   

According to Dr. Derek Alessi, the managing member of Pur-Well Living “We are extremely excited about the use of this product in the marketplace.  We believe that it will allow individuals both at work and home to effectively, sustainably and economically practice increased sanitization, protecting both themselves and their families.”

Pur-Well Living (PWL) is an eCommerce retailer founded in 2017 and is owned by parent company Intergalactic Deals LLC.  The Pur-Well Living staff has over two decades of international sourcing and retail experience.

Shaun Chojnacki – Operations Director
Pur Well Living
[email protected]

SOURCE Pur-Well Living

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