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Product Information Management – The Next Step to E-Commerce

In today’s content driven E-commerce market, detailed product information is vital. For a consumer, specific details and images are required for making purchasing decisions. Due to increased demand for information, the need to have accurate and consistent product data has become a necessity. Product information flows through multiple groups like marketing, sales, It etc. Inconsistent and inaccurate data can inversely affect the success and efficiency of an organization. Here is a good product information management tool is the need of the hour.

During the era of ERP boom, enterprises were mainly focused on the store and warehouse management. There will be an “item master” in every merchandising application which acts as a data store consisting a big list of fields. The data in item master is the Base of a retailers foundation data.
As applications larger than complex, this item data was required to flow through multiple systems. The systems were very varied in terms of functionality. It was also difficult to provide this data in a channel specific manner as each channel required a different version of the data. Say, the portal may require rich images and descriptions while logistics may require dimensions and physical data.

A PIM solution helps create an architecture which interfaces with product information in such a way that it is not dependent on any specific application. It can act as the single repository which is separate from business rules and also help provide data to multiple channels in a more agile manner. It will help classify, enrich and completely transform your product information, in addition to enhancing customer search and navigation on the portal.

Material master data is a key asset of an enterprise. Companies embark on an exercise to consolidate all its critical data to have a single version of truth.Product Information Management is an essential requirement for anyone dealing with large product catalogs and who needs to ensure data quality in terms of completeness and duplicates. You can select the catalogs and data that you want to distribute to various channels as well as send data to softwares which can print your catalogs. The data can be translated to multiple languages ​​as well, to cater to different geographies and also enables timely management of the life cycle processes of your data, like workflows and audits. Material master data is a key asset of an enterprise. Companies embark on an exercise to consolidate all its critical data to have a single version of truth.

The need for PIM in E-commerce is quite evident where products need to be available globally, to many stores. The advantage of this solution will make it the next step to an advanced E-commerce platform.

Source by Jesica Banks