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Primary Hosting Acquires Mobile Agent Now

“The acquisition of Mobile Agent Now marks an exciting new chapter for the company,” says Mark Jeffreys, Mobile Agent Now Founder and former P&G executive, who will be transitioning full operational control to Christopher Brock, CEO, Primary Hosting. “Primary Hosting has been intimately involved in the building of our tech stack and business model from the beginning in 2017. Having the review response capability fall under their leadership will be a strong strategic fit.”

Over the past two and a half years, Mobile Agent Now has built a platform to rapidly aggregate, analyze and respond to reviews on behalf of companies. Its capability has been leveraged by a number of marque brands from Nestle Crunch and Crest to Totes/Isotoner and Nutella. With the number of reviews increasing, the Mobile Agent Now “uberized” model of responding to reviews enables the rapid response that consumers now expect. “Given Mr. Brock was with Mobile Agent Now from the beginning to help build the tech infrastructure, this will smooth the transition in ownership and operations,” said Mr. Jeffreys.

“This acquisition fits right in with the breadth of services we currently offer with Primary Hosting,” said Mr. Brock. “As the number of reviews continue to grow, we look forward to integrating this service into our cloud brokerage platform not only for our existing big name brands, but expanding the platform to other companies in need of meeting the expectations of consumers online.”

About Primary Hosting
Primary Hosting is a cloud brokerage firm that offers unparalleled access to the right solutions and developers for brands, companies and CTOs seeking to leverage telecom, SAAS, servers, cyber security, social media, mobile apps and advertising effectively, efficiently and in one place.  
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About Mobile Agent Now
92% of consumers read reviews while 68% of purchases are influenced by reviews. As that influence grows so does the expectation of a response to reviews by consumers – 52% now expect a response while 68% of Millennials have a higher expectation of response time. But most companies are either ignoring reviews or responding via a model of having dedicated staff waiting for reviews to come in. Mobile Agent Now delivers better, cheaper and faster responses to those reviews on behalf of brands via highly trained and dedicated agents so companies are no longer paying for idle time or slow responses. Mobile Agent Now’s proprietary platform captures reviews right after they are posted and pings them to a dedicated agent who is incentivized to respond – an Uberized business model. Agents are only paid for their responses so clients are not paying for idle time. Clients no longer have to spend time searching online to see if they have new reviews and get the benefit of a faster, quality response. And Mobile Agent Now has the ability to also generate reviews on behalf of clients. Having responded to thousands of reviews, Mobile Agent Now’s most notable brands include Nutella, Tic Tac, Nestle Crunch, Totes/Isotoner, Ferrero, Babe Ruth bars, Butterfingers, and Goobers.
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