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PIMpoint for the Present and Future of Commerce – PIM Software

Put the phone down for a minute and look around. Try to find any kind of print media: a magazine, newspaper, book, crossword puzzle, anything. As one might expect, print mediums are now complemented by iPhones, Kindles, and just about any technology. Remember when talking robots were a figment of our futuristic imaginations? Well, I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but the future is here, and demanding you to prove that you’re not a robot.

PIMpoint Americas 2019 is right around the corner. Embracing the changing tides of marketing, PIMpoint Americas is a celebration of PIM and the opportunities that it can and has brought to a plethora of companies. A full day conference, PIMpoint Americas features inRiver’s seasoned PIM experts and representatives from their emerging customer-base; a collective whose businesses thrive because of PIM’s implementation in their day-to-day operations.

From streamlined retail to adaptive merchandising, keynote speakers from every corner of the marketing realm will showcase the technology’s future. Hear from Naseem Sayani (Partner & Director at BCG Digital Ventures) about turning PIM-organized data into creative marketing. Possessing a wealth of merchandising knowledge, Cate Trotter (Head of Trends at Insider Trends) will also share essential advice about how companies can innovate to adapt to the changing technological times.

PIM’s Prevalence:
PIMpoint Americas is being held during a revolutionary era of marketing technology; marketing has begun its transition from archaic business models to software such as PIM (Product Information Management). Campaigning is no longer a partial guessing game for marketers in all industries. Product information is readily accessible at one’s fingertips, primed for positioning and sculpting to advertise to customers with clear, analytically proven trends and insights. Addressing this transition, PIMpoint Americas will discuss retail and marketplace syndication, and how disintermediation plays a huge role in the transformation of the marketplace.

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Retail & Marketplace Syndication:
With the integration of PIM into our modern marketplace, brands are starting to realize how important customer engagement is. Whether this interaction occurs through contextualized commercials or website advertisements, utilizing product information accordingly is aiding retailers in their quest to connect with their consumers. Brands can now specifically align their retail presentation with more customer-centric, targeted advertising and service. During PIMpoint Americas, New Balance and our partner Absolunet will delve into this concept further with their talk “Bringing the D2C Gap Across Departments, Channels and Continents.”

Disintermediation & the Changing Marketplace:
PIM’s technological marketing software also mirrors the prevalence of disintermediation in the marketplace. Disintermediation is the removes intermediaries in the supply chain. For example, manufacturers can sell direct to consumers by cutting out distributors and retailers. Within our changing marketplace, disintermediation opens the door for brands to streamline their processes. In doing so, brands must adapt and maintain transparent information that is also accurate and bountiful.

PIMpoint Americas is a manifestation of disintermediation’s positive benefits. From our partner/customer presentations to inRiver experts, the event encapsulates the changing marketplace, an environment pointing towards the future which, ironically, is already here. I’d love to see you there!

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