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PIM for Furniture Brands · inRiver

Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Digital Onboarding

Printing product catalogs? Scrambling to find the right image or product description to post online? Pasting data into Excel spreadsheets? Yikes. One mistake and you risk buyer trust… or regulatory fines. Take a deep breath, there’s a better, more efficient way to manage your product information.

Compelling, Accurate Product Data Drives Sales

There’s never been a better time to sell furniture than today. Growth is high across all channels and marketplaces as more people are buying online for their homes, home offices, and at-home learning environments. However, buyers need the confidence to purchase. Deliver a frictionless buying experience with great customer experience for buyers (and distributors) and you’ll drive sales. A product information management solution (PIM) reduces inefficient manual processes and scales to meet increasing buyer demand seamlessly.

Discover Why PIM Matters for Furniture Brands

Enrich content, syndicate it, and scale faster with inRiver.

Download the eBook to learn how product information management can transform the way you do business and sell furniture now.

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