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PIM and Automated Merchandising – PIM Software

Ever wonder how today’s merchandisers and retailers are using your behaviors and common trends to sell you more product? In a recent PIMtalk, host Thomas Sjöberg is joined by Joakim Schultz, VP of Sales for Apptus Technologies AB, discuss the ever-expanding role of AI and automation in the marketplace and why it matters.

Schultz, an industry veteran with experience in sales and driving demand in e-commerce, said Apptus showcases these innovative practices with some of the largest companies in Sweden.

“We work with 16 of the 30 largest retailers in Sweden,” Schultz said. “Our goal is to create the best possible experience for the user, by showing the right product at the right time. By doing that we are also increasing the revenue for the retailer.”

This process led to greater sales, reduced costs, and improvements in organizational efficiency. How? Automated offerings and product placement have helped drive the traffic and growth of e-commerce worldwide.

The basis for these benefits? A “beautiful symbiosis” between the company’s product information and the behaviors of its consumers according to Schultz.  And without organized product information, automation is as good as impossible.

Want to gain more insights? Listen to the full conversation from PIMtalk.

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