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Paid Advertising Banner® empowers individuals to monetize their personal data, take back power and influence from Silicon Valley

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —, the leading provider of permission advertising for e-commerce, announced today that it has come out of beta to make the site available to both consumers and online retail partners.

Individuals are now able to earn value from their personal data while also having more control over who sees it and – more importantly – who doesn’t. Permission’s common sense approach enables people to interact with their favorite brands and merchants without subjecting them to intrusive, irrelevant ads that have enabled tech giants to invade all aspects of life.

“Firms including Amazon, Google, Facebook and TikTok have made billions mining personal data and selling it to third-parties,” said Charles Silver, founder of Permission. “These riches have enabled them to exert outsize influence across all areas of society – this is the beginning of the end of that nearly unchecked power, and it cannot come soon enough for billions of people around the world.”

Online shoppers have become increasingly weary of retailers and search giants exploiting their information. Just as private companies created this situation, so too can they solve it.

By incentivizing people with the Permission Coin (ASK®) to engage with brands and retailers through permission advertising and content, advertisers can build trust and earn loyalty while also better targeting their ads to make them more relevant and even entertaining while reducing ad spend and achieving a higher return on investment (ROI).

“ASK’s utility comes in its game-changing use case,” Silver added. “By enabling anyone, anywhere to earn value for their time and data, Permission has decentralized and democratized access to information in the most meaningful way since the advent of social media.” already has more than 350,000 users and has added more than 30,000 in the past week alone, making it one of the fastest growing blockchain projects anywhere. ASK Coin serves as the fuel for this growth, with users able to earn ASK through interactions on ecommerce platforms.

“We have always been committed to seeking blockchain projects with practical application,” Charlies Liu, COO at Collinstar Capital, which earlier this week announced an investment in the project. “Permission’s approach to solving for data ownership within the e-commerce ecosystem is best-in-class.”

ASK Coin transacts on a proprietary blockchain that is easily scalable and does not have the congestion or fee volatility issues plaguing other distributed ledgers.

To learn more about Permission and ASK, visit Sign up is quick, simple.

About Permission is the leading provider of permission advertising for eCommerce. The company has created the ASK Coin to enable individuals to securely grant permission and monetize their data on and third-party e-commerce platforms. Advertisers reward shoppers with ASK for interacting with brands and content, building consumer loyalty and trust. To learn more, please visit

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