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Perficient PIM Platform Integration Quickstart · inRiver


In this quickstart, Perficient will implement the inRiver PIM platform, import product content, and integrate the PIM system to one external system (ex: e-commerce, CMS, etc.) to provide product content. This approach not only creates a PIM platform for product management stakeholders as a speed-to-value approach, but it also automates the output of product content to an external system.


  1. Conduct a Product Content Structure and Process workshop to discover the product types, taxonomy requirements, internal product enrichment processes, and outbound channel needs
  2. Develop a marketing model and strategy for product data import
  3. Review the existing system integration architecture and identify opportunities to build efficiency through automation
  4. Develop a roadmap for future integrations
  5. Import product content into PIM through a native inbound configuration
  6. Integration with external system as a product data outbound
  7. Onboard client stakeholders through a walkthrough of the platform and by sharing process best practices


  1. Identification of user roles and product enrichment process improvements
  2. inRiver PIM implementation and data scorecard
  3. Conceptual marketing model (data model)
  4. Native inbound configuration
  5. Integration to an external system (outbound)
  6. Hand off training and enablement of customer onboarding


  1. Provides an accelerated speed-to-value through focus on a single channel and integrating PIM to an external system for that channel.
  2. Creates a foundational PIM implementation that can scale to support additional inbound and outbound channels.
  3. Provides a “train the trainer” model to create an internal PIM support model.

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