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How to Write an SOP Like a Pro

Most business owners shy away from writing standard operating procedures (SOPs). They can be super tedious to put together, and what’s the point if you have to update them in a few months, anyway? But we all know that SOPs are key to saving you time down the line and mitigating the effects of turnover.

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3 Signs That On-Demand Delivery Apps are Ready to Thrive

We live in a pandemic age where on-demand delivery has become a norm. In other words, the concept, which was in a nascent stage a few years ago, is now in limelight. And why not? People prefer to stay at home and order necessary items to get delivery at their doorstep in this quarantine period.

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What can we learn? – Econsultancy

Elliott Clayton, SVP Media UK at Conversant, looks at the direct-to-consumer trend, how it was enhanced during the pandemic, and what we can learn long-term. Casting our minds back to March feels like an eternity, with empty supermarket shelves and the rush to buy toilet paper. It may seem like a distant memory, but above

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Best-of-Breed System Architecture for Marketing and Product Information

In this episode we are talking to Roy Eriksson, PIM Business Development Manager at Consid about best-of-breed system architecture for marketing and product information. Understand the roles of different systems like ERP, MDM, PLM, PIM, and DAM and the benefits and challenges of having specialized systems. Roy is also a member of the exclusive inRiver Champions group, recognizing his knowledge and

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Consumer Behavior is Shifting, Businesses Need to Make Changes

justynafaliszek / Pixabay The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of our world. From the way we work, the way our children attend school, the way businesses operate, the way we spend our money and so much more. Many essential businesses will have customers no matter what, though they may need to change their daily

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