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Headless SEO and What it Means to Your Business

Table of contents The Pros and Cons of Content Management Where CMSes Can Become Counterproductive Going From Bloated to Boring Decoupling: The Evolution of The CMS What is a Headless CMS? Does a Headless CMS Affect Rankings? Other Javascript SEO Considerations So Then, What is Headless SEO? Don’t Lose Your Head Over It Traditional websites

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The Emerging Post-Pandemic Marketing Trends

COVID-19 brought the phrase “new normal” and its related habits to the global lexicon. As a result, marketing teams across the world worked to deploy innovative strategies to keep up. Now, as some countries return to a pre-pandemic sense of normalcy, marketers (maybe even you!) are faced with a new challenge: permanent changes in consumer

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How to Make Money Online as a Freelance Blogger (in 2021)

Did you know that there were 30.6 million bloggers in the United States in 2018? Imagine how many there are today… Bloggers are today’s culture influencers, opinion leaders, and even authorities in some cases. If you are thinking of starting a blog, or want to make money online as a blogger, then you’re in the

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Pros and Cons of Introducing the Click-and-Collect Service

What is click-and-collect? The click-and-collect service consists of making an online purchase and picking it up at a physical store or agreed pick-up point. It can be free of charge or involve an extra fee. Another related modality that has become fashionable in the last year is curbside pickup, i.e., online purchase and delivery of

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