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One Year Into COVID-19, Survey Reveals What Consumers Want From Retailers

NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Anyone who has ordered something online during the pandemic knows estimated shipping times aren’t always accurate. Turns out, shoppers are becoming wary. A new survey from SlickText, a proven leader in text communications, shows consumers want stronger communication from brands when it comes to shipping times— shipping updates now rank as their number one priority when shopping online.

The survey, “Navigating Disruptions to Communication,” examines aspects of branded communications during the pandemic. What makes shoppers more likely to hit that unsubscribe button during the pandemic? Results say being contacted too frequently. What’s the top priority when it comes to communicating digitally in a world full of Zoom fatigue? Results say messages that are “quick to read.” These insights give retailers and ecommerce brands the competitive advantage they need to deal with the required changes in their day to day operations.

Key takeaways from the survey of 1,100 consumers age 18 to 54+ include:

  • Accurate shipping updates are the number one priority for online shoppers during COVID-19, with an easy checkout experience and receiving discounts coming in second and third
  • Nearly half (49.5%) of respondents say free shipping has the greatest impact on their purchase decisions
  • The number one reason consumers unsubscribed from branded communications during COVID-19 was being contacted too frequently
  • The number one reason why consumers signed up for branded communications during COVID-19 was to receive discounts. Order updates and news of service disruptions came next
  • Respondents ranked messages that are “quick to read” as their number one priority in digital communications

“While businesses have no control over the ever-changing state of the world, we can control the ways we interact with our customers,” said Meg Scales, CMO of SlickText. “We now have insights into what consumers want and need from retailers and what will drive them away in a COVID world. With consumers citing too frequent communication as the reason to unsubscribe, brands must find a desirable, direct way to communicate only the most relevant information or else risk losing them for good.”

To read a comprehensive breakdown of survey results, how consumer communication preferences have changed over the last year and what this means for businesses, please visit the SlickText website. For more information SlickText, please visit

About SlickText
SlickText is the leading text messaging platform. Since 2012, SlickText has turned text messaging into a major competitive advantage for companies. Today, SlickText has helped over 177,000 customers across North America, including ESPN, American Cancer Society and FedEx. They use SlickText’s award-winning software to drive relationships, leverage data, and get results. SlickText has been named a 2021 High Performer by G2 Crowd, and is a former Technology Innovator of the Year. The company has dual headquarters in Jamestown, NY and Nashville, TN. To learn more about SlickText, visit

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