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O-CITY partners with Land Bank of the Philippines to power EMV Open Loop contactless payments in Manila

LONDON, March 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BPC’s smart city payment division, O-CITY, is partnering with the Philippines’ Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) to pilot the country’s initiative in modernising digital payment in Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs) such as buses and jeepneys (minibus).

As part of the government’s commitment to improve the urban public transport system nationwide, the partnership supports the Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) program to adopt automated fare collection, enabling contactless payment and digital ticketing as a new experience for travelers in Metro Manila.

O-CITY will ensure urban transit systems are interoperable and travelers can pay seamlessly and securely with their Mastercard EMV card or other contactless banking cards. O-CITY on the operational side will enable greater efficiency and collaboration between service delivery agents and commuters. It also helps allocate relevant government subsidies to operators to further develop the sector.

O-CITY offers compatible open loop and closed loop technologies which will help operators expand the choice for payment and transitioning to contactless payments without impacting on their existing infrastructure. The solution has been implemented in over 130 cities worldwide, experiencing quick adoption from travelers and rapid return on investment for operators and governments. Countries that went digital in the midst of the pandemic include Kenya, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

The entry to the Philippine market represents a key milestone for O-CITY as they onboard their first customer in the ASEAN region – LANDBANK, in tandem with Mastercard and Tangent Solutions, among the strategic partners in this pursuit.

Superior travel experience in times of pandemic

O-CITY enables tap-to-pay for travelers using their card or any other means of payment, wallet, QR code and more. The pandemic has spurred the adoption of contactless payments everywhere in response to social distancing and contact-free precautions.

In an earlier statement, LANDBANK President and CEO Cecilia C. Borromeo commented: “LANDBANK welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the continuous development of our transportation systems, in line with providing commuters with more efficient, safe, and comfortable modes of transport. Our combined efforts will fast-track the delivery of much-needed programs and services for the sector amid the ongoing pandemic.”

Tokhir Abdukadirov, SVP, Head of Smart City Solutions at O-CITY by BPC said: “The mass transit and mobility industry is going through an acceleration of its digital transformation program, led by pandemic concerns. The world is moving towards contactless everywhere and there is no way back. We are proud to see the Philippines’ commitment toward building a more resilient and modernised transport system, with LANDBANK, MasterCard and O-CITY helping to power this exciting initiative. We are certain that the pilot will demonstrate how Filipinos can enjoy a seamless experience across public transport without taking any risks or wasting time in lines.”

About O-CITY
Adopted by more than 130 cities worldwide, O-CITY is an innovative automated fare collection solution designed  by BPC, a leading banking and payment firm with in excess of 300  clients across more than 90 countries. O-CITY was born from the vision of digitalising micro-payments as a key driver of a cashless economy while improving the well-being of citizens. With O-CITY, government, public transport operators and merchants can deliver a frictionless payment experience at every touch point leveraging smart, digital and open technologies. (tollgate, bus, train, subway, parking facility, bike rental or city tourist attraction). Citizens can move freely and make quick payments using their mobile or existing bank card, removing the need for cash or queuing at a ticket counter.

About BPC
Founded 25 years ago, BPC Banking, Payments: Context is what defines the organisation. The company has transformed over the years to deliver innovative and best in class proven solutions which fit with today’s consumer lifestyle when banking, shopping or moving in both urban and rural areas, bridging real life to digital. With 300 customers across 90 countries globally, BPC collaborates with all ecosystem players ranging from tier one banks to neobanks, Payment Service Providers (PSP) to large processors, ecommerce giants to startup merchants, government bodies to local hail riding companies. BPC’s SmartVista suite comprises of cutting-edge banking, commerce and mobility solutions including digital banking, ATM & switching, payments processing, card and fraud management, financial inclusion, merchant portals, transport and smart cities solutions.


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