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October 8th

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Nogin Commerce Rebrands and Merges Branded Online, Onestop Commerce, and Zther interactive

Nogin Core enables brands to leverage the future of self-learning ecommerce with its massive customer data platform and machine-learning models to enhance performance based on customer behavior, profit goals, and revenue objectives. Nogin Intelligent Commerce increases growth rates 3x on average to their storefronts, leveraging algorithms that enhance traffic, shipping, conversion, and inventory management.

One of the core principles of Nogin’s leadership team has always been to invest in technology to deliver the best platform and solutions for their valued clients and leading brands as a whole. The leadership team felt the rebrand to Nogin reflected the increased investment in their philosophy and approach: a more intelligent way to manage and deliver online commerce.

“Our model is simple: help brands grow and leverage our IP into easy-to-use, tech-enabled services that perform,” said Jan-Christopher Nugent, CEO of Nogin. “We will continue to innovate the hard stuff, so brands and merchants can focus on what they do best.”

Nogin has transacted over $1 billion in purchases on their new tech-enabled service platform and has partnered with brand powerhouses such as Bebe, Honeywell, Hurley, Lululemon, True Religion, Yeezy, and many other brands you would recognize.

“Use your Nogin or leverage our experts. We will leverage our vast end-customer behavioral data and technology to keep your growth and profitability going,” said Geoffrey VanHaeren, President and Co-Founder.

About Nogin
Since 2015, Nogin has provided enterprise-level solutions and technology to some of the biggest brands in Fashion, CPG, Beauty, Health, and Wellness verticals. Nogin has helped brands demystify ecommerce by navigating them through the complex online retail environment to compete with big retail and take them to their next ecommerce frontier.

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Jeeyan Rostam-Abadi, VP Corporate Marketing
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