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Curb Chronic Complainers – Business 2 Community

Flat design vector created by freepik Sometimes it feels good to complain. It can feel like a cleanse to get your honest opinions out in the presence of someone else. Better yet, they join in and the camaraderie feels good. This can be a legitimate exercise to relieve stress and process challenging situations. That said,

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8 Trust Signals for Your Local Business Website

Table of contents Photography About Us Page Contact Us Page Pricing Social Media Links Testimonials or Reviews Certifications, Memberships, and Awards Any Unique Value Propositions Bonus: Covid Protocols As a local business, your website is a critical marketing tool. Whether referred by word of mouth or found through a Google search, almost every new customer

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Hiring a #2: Why It’s Time to Bring In a Second-in-Command

Hiring a #2 at your agency? Here’s how to get it right! Just about every agency owner wants to “Work Less, Earn More.” But to get there, they need to bring in others to help make it happen. As agencies grow—and especially if you’re trying to reduce your involvement in day-to-day operations—you’ll need to eventually

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