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New Survey Finds 97% of Respondents Believe a Healthy Sex Life Is Crucial for Overall Wellness

MIAMI, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Did you know 1 in 3 Americans say their masturbation habits have changed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and only 10% of Americans have met someone new? A new study released by Ella Paradis, trusted source for adult products, for Wellness Month tackles how Americans’ wellness and intimacy has been affected by the pandemic.

This timely study found 97% of respondents think a healthy relationship with sex is an important part of overall wellness.  Perhaps this is why approximately two thirds of those surveyed are considering being more adventurous in their lovemaking.  The pandemic has slowed personal interactions, indicated by the results below showing that only 1 in ten people meeting someone new, with most people either staying with their partner or not meeting anyone. 

Results indicate that respondents are lonely. Even though they may be lonelier, they are also open to the idea of switching up their sex habits more. We found 65% of Americans are looking to try new things in their sex lives since quarentine began.

Ella Paradis CEO Tino Dietrich says, “The pandemic has limited Americans’ access to many of their favorite activities that bring them joy and life. Without access to these activities, having a vibrant fulfilling sex life is more important than ever. Sexual fulfillment and experimentation are key to getting through the monotony of life in quarantine.”

Key findings:

  • 97% believe sexual health and pleasure affects overall wellness.
  • 46% are focused the same way on wellness now than prior to the pandemic; 40% are more focused on wellness than before COVID-19 and 12% are less focused than before.
  • 61% declare the pandemic hasn’t negatively impacted their ability to maintain sexual wellness; 51% of people have responded their physical intimacy is the same, while 28% responded less than before the pandemic and 19% said more than before.
  • 65% of Americans are looking to try new things in their sex lives since quarentine began.
  • Only 10% have met someone new. 47% had already a partner before the pandemic and 42% declared to haven’t met a new partner during the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • 1 in 3 Americans say their masturbation habits have changed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, noting they masturbate now more than prior to pandemic; 56% say their habits have not changed and 13% report they masturbate less than before the pandemic


This survey was conducted from August 20 to 24 2020, among a national sample of 1,370 adults (54% men/42% female) between the ages of 18-54.

Media Contact:

Mary Elizabeth Elkordy

[email protected]


About Ella Paradis:

Ella Paradis, one of the fastest growing wellness eCommerce companies in the US, offers tailored solutions and high quality products for the sexually active adult. By breaking down barriers and disrupting outdated taboos regarding self-pleasure and self-care, Ella Paradis provides modern and approachable intimate care products for every price point. Founded in 2015, Ella Paradis made a mark as one of America’s leading and innovative personal care brands, overcoming stigmas by making premium sexual wellness products available and affordable for everyone nationwide, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

Boasting an inclusive atmosphere, Ella Paradis believes everyone deserves pleasure and fulfilling intimate relationships with both themselves and their partners. Ella Paradis also believes providing a space free of judgement with respect to others empowers the democratization of self-pleasure. Studies show sexual pleasure & wellness directly affects overall emotional and mental wellbeing, leading to a happier life.  Ella Paradis’ mission is to leave bread crumbs of happiness for all who shop with them. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Ella Paradis’ multiple fulfillment centers across the US provide seamless shopping experiences nationwide.

SOURCE Ella Paradis

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