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New Manage My Things App Helps with Complicated Emotional Tasks Such as Downsizing the Homes of Aging Parents, Completing a Will or Properly Insuring Things of Value

BOSTON, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Manage My Things is a photo-based mobile app that helps homeowners easily inventory the important things in their homes, or that of aging parents. After importing photos, the app queries users on their items and then securely organizes them by category. Through AI, the app generates custom, task-specific reports that can be sent directly to key contacts such as estate planning attorneys, insurance agents, a charity or heirs.

With 138 million private residences in the U.S., the app is intentionally priced for everyone to afford. A subscription is $9.99 per year and is available on the App Store or Google Play.

Manage My Things helps with a variety of critical tasks including logistics for closing out a parent’s home, tackling complicated estate planning or properly updating insurance policies. Estate planning can be a tedious and emotional exercise. In fact, more than 58% of American adults don’t have a will completed. When it’s time to settle an estate, conflict often arises within families when specific things are in dispute. The app organizes items by heir, and to help reduce tensions, a ‘Resolution’ folder has been created where items can be isolated for further discussion.

Additionally, fires, hurricanes and floods can often expose the 2/3 of all homeowners who are under-insured. The app can take an inventory of the items in a home and generate a report that will be forwarded to insurance agents for review to accurately modify home policies.

We’ve also collectively accumulated too much stuff. The easy-to-use app creates reports that can be used when donating goods to charity or to efficiently dispose of things no longer wanted. The user can also segregate things between homes, boats and even long forgotten storage units.

Features include:

  • Secure cloud back-up of images if your device is no longer in your possession
  • Toggle between multiple homes, boats, RVs or storage units
  • Photo-based inventory reports of things of value for insurance, estate planning, charitable giving and more
  • Resolution folder that isolates things family members might squabble over
  • Time Capsule to capture stories and images around family heirlooms for the next generation
  • “Batch” that can take or import multiple pictures at one time for when time is tight
  • Online community and the ability to share user-provided tips at
  • White label options for wealth management firms, insurance brokers, estate and trust attorneys, financial firms and other organizations wanting to build better digital relationships with clients and prospects

“If you’ve ever had to empty a parent’s home, decide which of your heirs gets your things when you die or have confidence you’ll be made whole if a disaster strikes, then you know all the decisions you make are emotional,” said Rick McKenna, CEO of Manage My Things. “This app takes you through much of the complex decision-making, so your time is better spent with loved ones. All you need to know is how to take photos and answer a few questions. The app does the rest.”

Manage My Things is available on the App Store or Google Play. Visit for more information including user tips and FAQs, or follow Manage My Things on Facebook and Instagram. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved My Things, LLC.

About Manage My Things
Fires, hurricanes and floods expose families who are often under-insured. The majority of adults don’t have estate plans or wills. Downsizing the homes of aging parents is emotionally and logistically challenging. We’ve collectively accumulated too much stuff. Real issues that seem like they are impossible to conquer, until now. Manage My Things is an app that helps organize, prioritize and generate inventory reports of the things in our lives. This intuitive, easy-to-use photo-based app helps you determine items that will get passed on to heirs, make sure they are properly insured, donated to charity or efficiently disposed. Additional features include a “resolutions” folder for things family members might squabble over, a “time capsule” to capture the stories around special items to pass on to the next generation, and a “batch” feature for taking multiple pictures for when time is tight. For only $9.99 per year, available on the App Store or Google Play, your items are securely cataloged on the app, backed up via the cloud if your device is no longer in your possession, and the reports are easily shared with loved ones, estate planners, insurance brokers and more. Visit for more information including user tips and FAQs or follow Manage My Things on Facebook and Instagram.

Contact: Natasha Desai, [email protected]

SOURCE Manage My Things

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