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New Interface Allows Easy Access to Massive Infectious Disease Database for Healthcare Providers & Universities

Aiming to create the next-generation research experience, the GIDEON team collaborated with hundreds of medical scientists, librarians, microbiologists, epidemiologists, health science professors, and students from 26 different countries to deliver a complete transformation of its robust database.

Users can easily compare and be updated on diseases, drugs and microbes, saving valuable time and lives.

The online platform’s new features provide the latest information on:

  • Historical outbreak maps. Infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, medical librarians and educators, biology/microbiology students and others can access outbreak maps going back to the year 1348 AD.
  • Step-by-step diagnosis, providing an interactive way to help teach future doctors the process of identifying diseases.
  • Dynamic comparison tables allowing side-by-side comparisons of 360+ infectious diseases (can be compared by their clinical findings and fingerprint), 330+ anti-infective drugs (can be compared by Spectra with additional therapeutic notes), and 2,000+ pathogens (bacteria, mycobacteria and yeasts can be compared by their phenotypic characteristics).
  • Bayesian analysis-driven decision trees to identify and treat more than 2,000 pathogens.
  • An epidemiological data visualization tool, allowing researchers to mix and match 34,000+ graphs to create their own charts.

“For physicians and medical students, it’s basically a three-step process: gather and enter patient information; view differential diagnoses; and review treatment options and country information,” said Uri Blackman, GIDEON Co-founder and CEO. “It’s a tremendous, continuously updated resource for professionals, as well as the medical education industry focused on microbiology and infectious diseases.  With this new interface, it’s all easy to access.”

Access to GIDEON’s vast database covers more than:

  • 230 geographical areas
  • 34,000 graphs
  • 79,000 surveys
  • 25,000 outbreaks
  • 23,000 country-specific notes
  • In-depth phenotype information on more than 2,000 pathogens

“Having tried and tested each of the modules, GIDEON does a good job in making it quick and easy for a healthcare professional to access accurate and up-to-date information,” said Dr. Jane Zuckerman, Consultant in Travel Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

GIDEON’s interface is making a significant impact in assisting microbiology and medical school students. Dr. Johnny El-Rady has been a microbiology and genetics professor at the University of South Florida since 1997 and has taught more than 24,000 students.  When COVID-19 hit, he had to quickly pivot to all online courses, in very little time.

“I was given two weeks to prepare the syllabus for two courses I needed to teach in the fall semester. One was in Public Health and other in Pathogenic Microbiology,” Dr. El-Rady explained. “GIDEON was the perfect tool to build activities and learning around”.

To “test drive” the new GIDEON platform, or get more information, go to the website or email [email protected].


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