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Navigating the Future, a How-To

NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Hosted by the forward-looking initiative 2020Visions, The New City: Navigating the Future, December 3–5, will feature a wide range of noted speakers including Andrew Yang, Sir David Adjaye OBE, Matthew Ryder, and Karenna Gore. The virtual conference will explore the ways technical innovation and imagination can help us radically rethink urban spaces.

2020Visions is a new bicoastal initiative that promotes the imagination as a lever for global change. The New City will showcase several cutting-edge tech platforms aiming to create a multi-layered conference event experience.

During the main conversation, Yang, former presidential candidate and tech entrepreneur, will discuss his equity-building innovations such as guaranteed annual income. A centerpiece conversation between architect Adjaye and Ryder, former Deputy Mayor of London for Social Integration, will discuss the Ghanaian-British architect’s interfaith temples in Abu Dhabi and other visionary models for civic spaces.  

Center for Earth Ethics founder and director Gore will participate in a forum on sustainability in urban settings. Also featured will be visionary New York-based Israeli architect Dror Benshetrit, who will spotlight his new SuperNature Labs, along with colleagues from around the world; award-winning One Architecture water-management specialist Matthijs Bouw; and iconic environmental architect James Wines, founder of SITE.

“As the head of an institution focused on developing leaders to meet the needs of the world and work toward a more just society, I am excited to partner with 2020Visions on The New City conference in envisioning radical new ideas that push the boundaries of what is possible for our cities,” says UTS President the Reverend Dr. Serene Jones, who will also be speaking.

Engaging with aspects of city life including justice-system reform, smart technology, and neighborhood equity, will be speakers including artist and technologist Salome Asega; James Bailey of The Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Union Theological Seminary Executive Vice President Frederick Davie, mayoral representative to the Civilian Complaint Review board; community activist Valerie De La Rosa; Columbia University Asia scholar Vishaka Desai; Wallach Museum director, activist and curator Betti-Sue Hertz; architect Michael Patrick Porter; architect and president of the Society of Fellows, American Academy in Rome Kelly Powell; futurist Michael Rogers; business and public policy expert Jonathan Rose; and interior designer, architect, and educator Jack Travis.

The program also includes artists Mary Ellen Caroll, Stephanie Dinkins, Nicole Mackinlay Hahn, Hillary Leone, Bayeté Ross Smith, Kayla Weisdorf, Allan Wexler, and foundation innovator Dena Muller, who will all present collaborative projects developed under the aegis of 2020Visions, on projects ranging from planting seagrass to revitalize New York’s urban waterways to freeing artificial intelligence from racial bias. Also featured will be visionary artists such as Suzanne Lacy, Judy Baca, Rick Lowe, and Mary Miss, all of whom do pioneering “social sculpture” that engages directly in changing society.

In addition to film screenings, artist videos, and direct encounters with conference participants, attendees will have an opportunity to imagine alongside some of the most creative minds and global world changers. Most events will be free to the public. Membership models are also available allowing year-round involvement in the 2020Visions community. Central to 2020Visions’ mission is harnessing the artistic imagination to create new paradigms for society.

About 2020Visions: Seeking to “dream forward,” 2020Visions is a diverse team fostering a variety of initiatives that foreground invention and imagination, including collaborations between artists, scientists, and other practical problem-solvers, as well as workshops, youth programs, and far-ranging public forums promoting creativity as a lever for global change.

About Union Theological Seminary: Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York is a seminary and a graduate school of religion, grounded in the Christian tradition and embracing multiple religious traditions. Union prepares students for committed lives of service to both faith communities and the broader world, and our unique educational programs develop practices that encourage compassionate wisdom and foster academic excellence and a commitment to social justice. Union believes that a new interreligious spirituality of radical openness and love is the world’s best hope for peace, justice, and planetary flourishing.

For more information, please contact Annmarie Pisano (Executive Producer, Grey Horse) at [email protected].

SOURCE 2020Visions

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