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Mach7 Technologies Announces the Next Phase in Empowering AI within Radiology Reading Workflow to Drive Better Clinical Outcomes

BURLINGTON, Vt., Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mach7, a leading provider of data management and enterprise imaging solutions for healthcare organizations, announced the start of the clinical validation phase for a new solution that integrates Mach7s advanced and industry-leading zero-footprint eUnity Diagnostic Viewer within Nuance® Communication’s cloud-hosted PowerScribe™ One radiology platform. Innovated in collaboration with Nuance, the integrated solution can accelerate the at-scale adoption of AI models from the Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging within PowerScribe One reports for improved patient outcomes.

The integrated solution intelligently launches the Mach7 eUnity Diagnostic Viewer within the radiologist’s standard PowerScribe One workflow, pre-populating the report with data produced by AI models. The radiologist can then review and edit the AI results directly in the eUnity Diagnostic Viewer, with all findings and adjustments automatically updated in the report without requiring repeated dictation. That reduces turnaround times for reporting findings to referring physicians and improves radiology report accuracy and completeness.

“As AI becomes increasingly more important and more developed as part of the radiology reading workflow, it is important that Mach7 provide healthcare professionals with the tools to drive the utilization of the latest innovative AI technologies. Through our collaboration with Nuance, and the tight integration of our enterprise viewing platform with the Nuance PowerScribe One solution, we continue to show differentiated value to our customers to improve clinical workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence,” said Mike Lampron, Chief Executive Officer, Mach7 Technologies.

The Mach7 and Nuance collaboration’s key goal is to give radiologists the ability to select AI solutions that provide previously unavailable results information and add meaningful clinical value to a patient’s report. As part of the workflow innovation, radiologists can easily select which results are correct or need adjustment. That enables radiologists to provide the referring physician with easy access to images and findings, allowing for better care team communication on critical clinical issues within a study. 

In addition to the valuable clinical approach this collaboration brings, commercial AI developers can offer applications for a range of medical imaging findings and modalities through the Nuance AI Marketplace, simplifying access to these AI models. The AI Marketplace brings AI into the radiology workflow by connecting developers directly with radiology subscribers. It offers AI developers a single API to deliver their AI solutions to radiologists across the 8,000 healthcare facilities that use the Nuance PowerShare Network. It gives radiology subscribers a one-stop-shop to review, try, validate, and buy AI models, bridging the technology divide to make AI useful, usable, and used throughout the radiology workflow.

“We are excited about the collaborative relationship that we have established with Mach7,” said Karen Holzberger, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Diagnostics Division at Nuance. “The Mach7 and Nuance collaboration is designed to help healthcare providers achieve the goals of streamlined workflow, more effective collaboration, decreased redundancy, improved workflow efficiencies, and productivity and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.”

Mach7’s eUnity Diagnostic Viewer is a unique platform that integrates with any PACS, VNA or EMR and provides a single common viewer for everyone. What makes it especially powerful is that it can be used for enterprise viewing, and then expanded to support diagnostic reading with built-in toolsets that allow advanced manipulation of images – all through simple configuration.

To learn more about Mach7’s eUnity Diagnostic Viewer, visit 

About Mach7 Technologies
Mach7 Technologies develops innovative image management and viewing solutions that form the core of an integrated enterprise imaging ecosystem. Through this innovation, we give healthcare organizations the independence and flexibility to deploy our solutions according to their needs, whether they’re in their individual components or unified into a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise imaging platform. Mach7 helps organizations increase their efficiency, achieve profound operational cost savings, leverage their existing IT investments, improve the experience for patients and medical professionals, and support healthier outcomes.  Visit

CONTACT: Bob Tranchida, VP of Marketing, Mach7 Technologies, 802-861-7745, [email protected]

SOURCE Mach7 Technologies

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