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Live Keynote with Absolunet | PIMpoint Digital 2020


When COVID lockdowns forced people indoors, many 55+ shoppers did what they swore they would never do: buy stuff online (OMG!). Even toilet paper.
Now, the wealthiest demographic in the world is falling in love with eCommerce.

What do they expect? How do they discover? What do they hate? Find out what makes boomers click, and how Product Content (both rich and poor) influences the path to purchase.

Bernard’s mom has yet to confirm her presence for the keynote on Google calendar. Because she doesn’t Google Calendar.

Why listen to this keynote:

  • No shameless self-promotion, promised.
  • It won’t be boring. If it is, you can have your money back. (Just kidding, PIMpoint Digital is free).
  • Examples of merchants on inRiver who have made their experience mom-friendly.
  • Actual takeaways for your company

Who should attend?

Everyone who:

  1. Has a PIM and doesn’t know how to use it.
  2. Has an e-commerce website or touchpoints that moms can’t use.
  3. Wants to capitalize on the Covid-induced digital shift among the wealthiest generation alive
  4. Wants to improve customer experience without studying UX for 2 years
  5. Needs to prove ROI
  6. Has a mom
  7. All of the above
  8. None of the above

This session is brought to you by:

Absolunet, PIMpoint Digital 2020 sponsor

Featured Speaker

Bernard Dahl, Absolunet

Bernard Dahl
Senior Customer Experience Consultant at Absolunet

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