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Kellyco Metal Detectors Donates 2,846 Headphone Sets to Knox County Schools

“These are the same high-quality headphones used by metal detector enthusiasts out in the field,” said Jeremy Floyd, Kellyco’s President. “Typically our customers are only interested in hearing chirps and clicks through their headphones, because those mean they might be standing on top of some treasure. These headphones are also compatible with computers and laboratory equipment, and designed to play high definition audio as well.

“If we had sold this assortment of Audio 200 and Eagle brand headphones on, they would have retailed for over $50,000. But we believe they can do more good if they stay right here in Knox County, where Kellyco is fortunate to be headquartered.

“Although often overlooked, headphones are a vital piece of educational equipment. As computers have become inseparable from a complete education, too many underprivileged students have had to spend their own money on the headphones they need to participate in the classroom.

“The recent surge in virtual learning has also underscored the need for accessible headphones. Many students have trouble finding a quiet place at home where they can study, but with headphones they can join their families in the kitchen or living room while still focusing on their daily lessons.

“We hope the pandemic has wound down to the point where virtual learning will no longer be required by Knox County public schools. But if that turns out not to be the case, at least our teachers will be able to provide vital headphones to any students who need them.

“And yes – we are well aware students will probably use these headphones for fun, too. We just hope it’s not during school hours!”

Based in Knoxville, TN, Kellyco is one of the oldest and largest metal detecting retailer in the US with a large ecommerce presence and showrooms in Knoxville and Casselberry, FL. Founded in 1955 by Stu Auerbach, the company grew from selling detectors out of the back of his station wagon to selling millions of metal detectors and outdoor adventure products. The  Kellyco team is driven by the belief that Treasure Awaits and strives to delight every customer with golden standard service and excellent product selection to enrich their journey of discovery.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Maggie Kornahrens at (888) 535-5923, or email at [email protected].

SOURCE Kellyco Metal Detectors

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