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Kay Winkler

VP of Chapter Services at ABPMP - Association of BPM Professionals International

Strategic operational and business planning, organizational and technical structuring of solutions, including its implementation and management. Taking advantage of innovative technologies as well as best practices of human resource, financial, marketing and project management.

Kay Winkler

Leveraging PIM with BPM

When it comes to Product Information Management (PIM), the nature of cases most used will be aligned to “few stops” transactions, meaning that most transactions will have only a single hand-off in the value chain. Think about adding a new product, for example. One would go to a product management platform, such as Pimcore (,

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Business Applications over BPM?

Business Applications are simply a suite of software packages that enable certain business functions to be executed. Thus, Business Process Management (BPM) can have its own Business Applications. Indeed, BPM has its own Applications. BPM Applications are often referred to as Business Process Management Software (BPMS). Sometimes, though rarely, can be termed as Business Process

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BPM Farming – growing your benefits by fostering your existing platforms

BPM everywhere indeed! The third wave of business process management has come and receded, having left an irreversible imprint on today’s technology landscape and business practices alike. The IoT enables business processes to extend closer to our customers than ever before, while even more business applications sport BPM capabilities of some sort or another, nowadays.

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User Sophistication Evolution

As User Sophistication Evolves, the Need for Recommender Systems Increases As corporate and retail user sophistication continues to evolve in tandem with ever growing market pressures and often groundbreaking shifts in many verticals, (passing through increasingly shortened and pronounced economic cycles), companies have declared the capacity to be able to react and to anticipate a

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